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Linda (Pavone) Connly '87

Business Leadership Award

Linda (Pavone) Connly '87When Business major and basketball hall of famer Linda Connly, Class of 1987, played for the Hawks from 1983 to 1987 she was a force to be reckoned with.

She still is.

As the senior vice president for global inside sales and renewals at EMC Corporation, she is one of only a few female senior vice presidents for EMC, Massachusetts' largest employer with 60,000 employees globally. Linda herself manages 700 people in eight global locations and is responsible for nearly 3 billion dollars in annual revenue. She was recently honored by the Boston Chamber of Commerce with a Pinnacle Award for her professional success and her commitment to mentoring and inspiring young women professionals.

A much sought after speaker and leader in a variety of professional settings, Linda professes to other women the effectiveness of what she calls "the velvet hammer," an approach in which clear communication and consistent results are balanced by empathy and compassion for those working to achieve those results. She brings this approach to her corporate endeavors as well as applying it in the service of several non-for-profit organizations, including her alma mater.

Looking to help her oldest daughter Olivia discover and achieve the kind of personal and professional balance she advocates, Linda and her husband, Peter Connly, Class of 1988, enrolled her at Saint Anselm last year, and they are now the parents of a successful sophomore who is a member of the Hawks' Lacrosse team and, yes, a business major.

Linda Connly remembers well the lessons she learned from her legendary basketball coach, Donna Guimont and advocates the principal that people will be happier and more successful if they dedicate themselves to being impressed with others rather than being impressed with themselves.  At the same time, she reminds young aspiring professionals: there's a reason you are at the table, so make sure you bring something to it.

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