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Fulbright Program

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Fulbright U.S. Student Program The U.S. Student Fulbright Program is now the largest exchange program in the country.

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Fulbright Application Schedule / Campus Deadlines

Announcement for current applicants: All candidates applying through a U.S. institution must submit the Fulbright application through the Embark online application system by the campus deadline; all supporting materials as outlined in the Application Components section, must also be included by the campus deadline date.

Once your application has been submitted for institutional review, the Fulbright Program Adviser will schedule a campus interview for you.

Following the interview and before the final deadline in October, you will have the opportunity to revise your application based on feedback provided by the Fulbright Program Adviser and the campus interview committee.

You must work with the Fulbright Program Adviser to ensure that your application is officially submitted and that all supporting documents are attached by the final deadline: October 12, 2014 (5:00 p.m., Eastern Time).

Spring 2014 Fulbright Intent to Apply include: Country and grant type
May - June Create your online account. 2015/2016 Fulbright Online Application released by IIE in May 2014
June 30 Submit List of Recommenders including: Full Name, Title, Email, Telephone, and brief explanation of how you know this individual. And RESEARCH/STUDY GRANT AFFILIATION if you are applying for a research grant.
July 28 Draft Due (i.e., Personal Statement, Grant/Research Proposal) (have at least one faculty member or Campus Committee Member or Reference should review and critique essays)
August 11 Revision Due (at least one faculty member or Campus Committee Member or Reference should review and critique essays)
Fall 2014
September 8 Deadline: FOREIGN LANGUAGE EVALUATION must be complete (not applicable to all applicants)
Individual appointments can be scheduled with Prof. Bede Bidlack or other Campus Committee Member in person, phone, or Skype.
September 15 Saint Anselm College Institutional Deadline (online application including all required/supporting documents must be submitted via Embark). You are strongly urged to submit these materials before the deadline to avoid any unforseen technological difficulties.
September 29 - October 3 Campus Interviews Scheduled for all Fulbright Applicants (Dates and Times to be Announced)
October 12 IIE Deadline by which all Official Applications including SAC Fulbright Campus Committee Comments and Ratings must be submitted to IIE online via Embark.
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