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Fulbright U.S. Student Program The U.S. Student Fulbright Program is now the largest exchange program in the country.

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Faculty Fulbright Stories

Prof. Bede Bidlack

Bede Bidlack
Assistant Professor, Theology

Fulbright location: Taiwan

Dr. Bidlack translated a Song Dynasty Daoist Text into a western language (English) for the first time. The text features an image of a mountain that represents that Daoist view of the body. This image was the focus of his comparative work which aimed at expanding Christian theological ideas of the human purpose.

Bidlack recalls speaking with people from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and all over the world through a common language: Chinese.

VIDEO: Watch Bidlack discuss "My New Experience in Taiwan" with Fulbright Taiwan.

Prof. Katherine Hoffman

Katherine Hoffman
Professor, Fine Arts 

Fulbright location: Austria

Dr. Hoffman has been around the world with her camera, and recently published her second book on Alfred Stieglitz, who is often called the "father of modern photography." Hoffman became interested in photography as a German literature major at Smith College, while spending her junior year abroad in Hamburg.

STORY: Read more about Hoffman in Portraits magazine: "Art Appreciation: Professor Katherine Hoffman."

Prof. Matthew Masur

Matthew Masur
Associate Professor, History 

Fulbright location: Vietnam

Dr. Masur studied Vietnamese and spent a year conducting research in Vietnam through a Fulbright-hays Fellowship. Masur continues to teach about the region, and has brought students on immersion trips to Vietnam. 

VIDEO: See Masur's trips in "Vietnam: Journey Through History" and "Vietnam: Making Connections."

Prof. Beth Salerno

Beth Salerno
Associate Professor, History

Fulbright location: South Korea

Dr. Salerno taught at South Korea's Pyeongtaek University, offering courses on American Political Culture and Contemporary America, including issues of gender, race and citizenship.

Salerno vividly recalls her travels, the Korean Parliamentary election campaigns, holiday celebrations, and her hosts' "generosity of spirit and gifts of friendship" with students back home at Saint Anselm College.

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