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Building the URSP Team

Finding a Saint Anselm Faculty Mentor

Applicants can identify and select a faculty mentor from any of the full-time faculty at Saint Anselm College. Students are encouraged to make individual appointments to speak with a few faculty members who work in an area of interest to them. Once a final decision has been made regarding the Saint Anselm faculty mentor, the process of networking takes place with both individuals working together to identify an external graduate level mentor.

Finding an External Graduate Level Mentor

A number of different approaches can be utilized to identify an external graduate level mentor in a geographic region where the student can assume responsibility for their own housing (URSP funds are not available for housing).

Suggested methods include, but are not limited to, contacting colleagues working with the Saint Anselm faculty mentor; identifying and conducting preliminary research regarding a particular faculty's program at a graduate institution in your geographic region followed by e-mail or phone contact to discuss your URSP application; and contacting Saint Anselm alumni currently working on their Ph.D. or matriculated from a Ph.D. program.


This program is for juniors who believe that they are headed in the direction of pursuing a graduate degree. Exposure to graduate student life and a mentoring relationship with a graduate-level mentor prepares students to make the decision to apply for a graduate program the fall of their senior year or seek additional experience prior to applying to a graduate program.

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