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Tuition and Expenses

Students are required to pay the total fees for the semester before the beginning of each semester. Thus, full payment of tuition and fees must be satisfied in August, before the beginning of the academic year, and in January, before the beginning of the second semester.

Assignment to classes and housing will only be made after prior approval from the Vice President of Finance. Any additional charges that may be incurred during the semester will be billed as they become payable.

See Online Student Billing for more information about payment.

Tuition and Fees

Acceptance Deposit
Payable when a student is accepted for matriculation at Saint Anselm College. This non-refundable deposit will be applied to the student's initial semester billing.

  • On-campus resident: $400
  • Off-campus commuter: $200
New Student Orientation Fee
(new students only)
Tuition (per semester)$17,698
Residence Fee (per semester)$6,520
Residence Fee - single (per semester)$6,904
Residence Fee - large single (per semester)$7,404
Suite-style Residence Fees (per semester)
single room (per semester)$7,691
double room (per semester)$6,770
Apartment Housing Fee (per semester)$5,808
Dormitory Damage Deposit$100
Dormitory Room Deposit$300
Payable when a student signs the room and board contract card.
This non-refundable deposit is applied to the fall semester billing.
Early Termination Of Housing Contract$50
Student Health Insurance Fee$1,699
Activities Fee (administered by student senate)$250
Technology Fee (per semester)
on campus resident$345
off campus resident$291
Laboratory and Other Fees (per course when applicable)
native speaker$55
art studio$50/$60/$70
(see catalogue) 
visual communications$70
Late Registration (per course, per week)$5
Late Degree Application$10
Transcript Fee$6
Nursing Clinical Fee
sophomore (second semester only)$456
junior and senior (per semester)$903
Nursing Student Liability Insurance$20 est.
(per year: sophomore, junior, senior; cost estimated)
Part Time Matriculating Students (per course)$3,530
Study Abroad Fee$750
Part Time Non-matriculating Students (per course)$1,278
Audit Fee$530

 Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change at any time by the Board of Trustees and the Governing Board. Bills for the fall semester are mailed in July and are due in full by August 1, 2014. Bills for the spring semester are mailed in December and are due in full by January 2, 2015. Any account not paid on time will be subject to an interest charge on the unpaid balance. Read more about the college's billing.