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Withdrawal from the College

Please refer to the current College Catalog for information regarding a leave of absence or withdrawal from the college. The following information may be found on page 25 of the catalog.

Leave of Absence

A student may apply to the dean of the college, the dean of students, or to the registrar for a leave of absence from the college. Students receiving financial assistance must have an exit interview with the director of financial aid before making application for a leave and limit the time of leave to a single semester. A leave of absence for students not receiving financial assistance is granted for a specific period of time, usually not more than two semesters. Applicants for a leave must have no outstanding debts at the college. A student on leave may apply for an extension.

To insure transferability of credits taken at other institutions during a leave of absence, students must obtain prior written approval of the courses from the dean of the college or the registrar. Courses undertaken without such approval are not transferable to Saint Anselm College. Provided that notification of the intention to resume studies at Saint Anselm has been received by the dean of the college at least one month in advance of the semester of return, a student on leave may return to the college at the end of the leave without applying for readmission. 

Withdrawal From the College

A student desiring to withdraw from the college should consult with both the assigned academic advisor and the appropriate dean. Students receiving financial aid must have an exit interview with the director of financial aid. The form for withdrawal from the college is available in the Office of the Registrar. It must be signed by the student and returned to the registrar. Refund of fees or charges will be based on the date on which the completed form is received in the Office of the Registrar. 


Students who separate from the college, whether by formal withdrawal procedure or otherwise, and who wish to return to Saint Anselm on either a part-time or full-time basis, must apply to the dean of the college and be accepted for readmission before they become eligible to register for additional course work at Saint Anselm.

Course work undertaken without having been formally readmitted to the college will not usually be credited toward fulfillment of graduation requirements. Students who interrupt their program of studies at Saint Anselm are subject to the academic regulations and degree requirements in force at the time of their return to the college.

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