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Refund Policy

Federal Financial Aid

Saint Anselm College complies with the refund policies contained in the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 under which the College is required to return Title IV funds (Perkins Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student Loans) on a per diem basis when the student withdrawals before 60% of the payment period has been completed.

State and Outside Scholarships

State aid and outside scholarships will be refunded to the appropriate agencies in accordance with their respective policies. Alternative educational loans will be returned to the lender on the same percentage basis as Tuition and Institutional Aid. A student with an alternative loan who has an outstanding balance as a result of the refund calculation may be able to retain a greater percentage of the loan than that used in the refund calculation.

Withdrawal From the College

A student who withdraws, or is requesting a leave of absence from Saint Anselm College must complete a form, which can be obtained from the Registrar, indicating thereon the official date of withdrawal and the date of hte last documented academically-related activity. Before beginning the withdrawal process, financial aid recipients are advised to consult with the Director of Financial Aid regarding refund eligibility and the effect the withdrawal may have on Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Refunds for students who separate from the College, either through official withdrawal procedures or otherwise, will be determined as follows:

Tuition and Institutional Aid

  • Within the first two weeks of the semester: 80%
  • Within the third week of the semester: 60%
  • Within the fourth week of the semester: 40%
  • Within the fifth week of the semester: 20%
  • Beyond the fifth week: 0%


  • Within the first four-week period of the semester: 75%
  • Within the second four-week period of the semester: 50%
  • Within the third four-week period of the semester: 25%
  • beyond the twelfth week of the semester: 0%

Resident Meal Plan

  • Refunds are computed on a daily basis according to the amount remaining in the student's declining balance account.