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Online Student Billing

The official method of generating monthly student account statements to all enrolled Saint Anselm College students is through the "MyAnselm" Campus Portal. Before the beginning of each semester, in July and December, we will print and mail a student data sheet to your home address. The student data sheet will show your schedule, billing charges and pending financial aid for the semester.

Only the student has access to their online statement, but you will be able to open, print, and email the billing statement so that it can be shared with the person responsible for payment. Periodic reminders to check the statement will be emailed to your Saint Anselm College email address. Please inform us, by email or in writing, if a monthly printed statement should still be mailed to your home address.

The online statement is available twenty-four hours a day, and it is the student's responsibility to view the current statement in order to monitor anticipated loan disbursements and financial aid transfers. It is also important that you adhere to the 'payment due date' for any balance due to the College. Please refer to Financial Aid information for an explanation of the difference between pending and disbursed financial aid and their relationship to the billing cycle.

If you have questions, or need assistance with your account, please contact:

  • Gail Rhames (603) 656-6293
  • Denise Presby (603) 641-7115