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Pre-Health Advisement

Contact: Professor Carolyn Weinreb, Chemistry Department, Ext. 7154

The Chief Health Professions Advisor (CHPA) oversees the preparation of students intending to apply to schools of medicine (allopathic, osteopathic and podiatric), dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine, as well as graduate programs in the allied health care professions. Whatever their major field, these students are directed to the prerequisite course work and extracurricular experience that is appropriate for them, and they are given guidance as they apply to professional school.

Students interested in entering any health professional school should be directed to the Chief Health Professions Advisor, Professor Carolyn Weinreb of the Chemistry department. Early discussion of the student's plans is important even if a career in the health field is only one of several options that he or she wishes to explore.

It is not necessary for a student to major in a science to qualify for entrance into a health professional school. It is advisable, however, for a student who is thinking about a career in health care to elect General Biology (103-104) and General Chemistry I, II (130-131) in the freshman year. The CHPA advises students concerning their curriculum in cooperation with the student's academic advisor and, when appropriate, with the Director of Academic Advisement.

The CHPA is the chair of the Preprofessional Committee, which is comprised of faculty from several academic departments (science and non-science). Committee members interview juniors who are preparing to submit applications to health professional schools and assist the CHPA in writing the letters of reference.

Faculty or students who have questions concerning undergraduate preparation for health professions should contact Professor Weinreb (Ext. 7154).

Required Coursework

  • General Biology for majors, 103-104
  • General Chemistry, 130-131
  • Organic Chemistry, 250-251
  • General Physics, 121-122 or Classical Physics, 131-132

Depending on the program of interest other coursework may be required.