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Below are some of the frequently asked questions concerning researching and applying to law school.

Should I Take the LSAT More Than Once?

Ideally, a well prepared student only needs to take the LSAT once. If you think that your LSAT score does not accurately reflect your ability, then take it again. Some law schools average the scores, other law schools take the higher score, and some take the most recent score. Look at the NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Lists to see what a school's policy is for multiple LSAT scores.

When Should I Take the LSAT?

You should take the LSAT in either June after your junior year or in October of your senior year. Although some students take the LSAT in December of their senior year, they often don't know what their test scores are when selecting schools to which to apply.

Should I Take an LSAT Prep Course?

LSAT prep courses can make the bold claim of increasing student scores by five-to-eight points (a huge jump) because they often require 30-40 hours of in-class work and 30-40 hours of out-of-class work. If you are willing to work this hard on your own, you can also raise your scores. Classes like Kaplan or Princeton are very expensive (around $900), but if you are not disciplined enough to study on your own and need a good LSAT score, such courses are often helpful.

It is worth noting that some studies suggest that up to 70 percent of all applicants to law school take a prep course. If nothing else, this means that most of your competition has spent 60-80 hours preparing for the LSAT.

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