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Required Paperwork and Documentation

Student employees need to complete W-4 and I-9 forms before they are able to work. Once hired, you should return both forms to the Office of Human Resources (HR).

The Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security require completion of these forms. All earnings are considered reportable income so you may want to consult with your parent(s) or accountant regarding this matter. Representatives from HR are available during orientation and during office hours throughout the academic year to facilitate completion of these forms.

Please call HR at (603) 641-7020 or e-mail at if you have any questions.


Please bring the appropriate original documents (copies cannot be accepted) from the list below in order to establish identity and employment eligibility. Documents will be returned immediately.

Please bring one original document from list A or one item from list B and one from list C or download the complete list of accepted documentation (PDF/40KB).

List A: Identity and Employment Eligibility

  1. Unexpired U.S. passport
  2. Unexpired foreign passport with attached employment authorization
  3. Alien registration card with photograph

List B: Identity

  1. State issued driver's license or a school ID card with photograph
  2. U.S. military ID card

List C: Employment Eligibility

  1. Original social security card
  2. A birth certificate issued by the state, county, or municipal authority bearing a seal or other certification.
  3. Unexpired Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) employment authorization
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