Davison Hall is the main dining facility on campus.
Coffee ShopThe Coffee Shop is a great place for a late night snack.
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Dining Services

We are proud of our unique dining facilities and the fact that we are recognized among the nation's premier locations in college dining. Our three facilities, Davison Hall, the Coffee Shop and Pub, and the Common Ground Café, offer unique menus and dining experiences to accommodate your diverse needs.

Our food is homemade and freshly prepared by our chefs. We offer vegetarian and gluten free options, marking all our selections accordingly. If you have any dietary requirements, please inform a supervisor so that we can better accommodate your needs.

Meal Plans

We facilitate four meal plan programs for our students. All are comprehensive declining balance plans designed to meet the the nutritional and social needs of our students. You can find more information about our programs on the meal plan page. If you have questions about your meal plan, visit the FAQ page.

Saint Anselm College Policy on Food Allergy Accommodations for Students

Saint Anselm College is committed to reducing the risk to staff, students and visitors with regards to the provision of food and the consumption of allergens in that food which could lead to an allergic reaction.

We train our food service staff on the severity of food allergies. This training includes instruction on food allergies, including food products that contain allergens, cross-contamination and proper food storage and preparation.

We label items with possible allergen-containing ingredients. We understand that there is always a risk of contamination and ask that students with food allergies be aware of the risk.

Students with special requests due to a food allergy are strongly encouraged to make the college aware of these needs as early as possible when they begin their studies. The following procedure must be followed:

1.      Students must provide current and appropriate medical documentation to the Director of Health Services to support their request for a medically necessary diet.

2.      Students will be asked to sign a release so that this information can be related to Dining Services.

3.      Students will be required to meet with the Director of Dining Services to discuss their needs, take a tour of the kitchen, and learn of the food options available to them.

4.      An individual plan will be developed for the student's need.

5.      When appropriate, a student shall carry an Epi-Pen with them and be able to use it in an event of an allergic reaction. Students are responsible for ensuring that their Epi-Pens have not expired.

Maura Marshall, APRN, MSN
Director, Health Services

Rosemary Stackpole
Director, Dining Services
(603) 641-7750

Student IDs

You use your Saint Anselm College student identification card to buy food and access your on-campus residence. If you lose it, call the Davison Hall front office at x7750 immediately to report it as missing. If your card is turned in, it will be filed. If not, your card will be shut off. You will then have to purchase a new ID for $10.

If your meal card is damaged in any way, it will be replaced at no charge, but you must bring the damaged card in to trade.

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Dining Services
Davison Hall
Saint Anselm College
100 Saint Anselm Drive #1734
Manchester, N.H. 03102

Phone: (603) 641-7750
Fax: (603) 641-7297

Coffee Shop and Pub
(603) 641-7022

On The Menu

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Our food selections not only give students a wide variety to choose from on a daily basis, but also provide a diverse assortment for the more audacious palate.