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Daily Specials

Monday, September 22

Chicken & Rice Soup - $2.50/$3.75
Light chicken broth filled with chicken, celery and rice.

Cauliflower Cheese  Soup - $2.50/$3.75
Rich & cheesy vegetarian soup with cauliflower florets, potatoes, and pimientos.

Sloppy Joes & French Fries - $5.25
The American classic - ground beef and onions in tomato sauce, served on a homemade roll.

Broccoli Calzette - $4.95
A personal sized calzone filled with broccoli & Jack cheese.

Tuesday, September 23

Tuscan Bean Soup - $2.50/$3.75
A hearty vegetarian broth filled with white beans & vegetables and seasoned with Italian herbs.

Tomato Basil Soup - $2.50/$3.75
Creamy vegetarian tomato soup with onion & basil.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup - $5.95
Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich on homemade 6-grain bread, served with a small soup.

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad - $ 6.95
Fresh salad topped with spice-rubbed, grilled chicken breasts, avocado, and tomato & black bean salsa.

Wednesday, September 24

Cream of Turkey & Vegetable Soup - $2.50/$3.75
Creamy broth filled with diced turkey, peas, carrots , green beans & corn.

Escarole & Lentil Soup - $2.50/$3.75
A light vegetarian soup with onion, carrots, French green lentils, escarole and diced tomatoes.

Roast Beef & Boursin on French Bread - $5.95
Thinly sliced roast beef and garlic herbed cream cheese layered on top of crusty French bread.  Served with red seedless grapes & fresh pear slices.

Individual Ranch Pizza - $4.95
Homemade Ranch dip, fresh tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and Mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Thursday, September 25

Beef Barley - $2.50/$3.75
Vegetables and barley simmered in a rich beef & tomato broth.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup - $2.50/$3.75
Rich mushroom soup accented by the flavor of sour cream.

Chicken Burger with Sriracha Lime Mayo - $5.95
Chicken burger topped with thinly sliced cucumber and a zesty sriracha mayo, served on a whole grain roll.  Served with a tangy rainbow slaw of peppers, carrots, onions, and cabbage.

Mediterranean Salad with Pita Bread - $5.95
Fresh salad greens tossed with mandarin orange sections, pecans, raisins, red onions and sunflower seeds.  Topped with crumbled feta cheese, Greek olives and cherry tomatoes and sundried tomato vinaigrette.

Friday, September 26

Moroccan Vegetable Soup - $2.50/$3.75
An exotic medley of vegetables, chickpeas, and Israeli couscous seasoned with harissa and saffron.

Clam Chowder - $2.50/$3.75
Our homemade New England style chowder- thick and creamy, filled with potatoes and chopped clams.

Baked Fish Filet - $6.95
Served with roasted red bliss potatoes and homemade cole slaw.

Tuna Roll with Cup of Clam Chowder - $5.95
Served with our homemade chowder.