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Energy Consumption Reduction Campaign

The Office of Residential Life and Education is working in conjunction with the Environmental Stewardship Committee to implement initiatives throughout campus residence halls in an effort to reduce our campus' overall environmental impact. These initiatives include an Energy Consumption Reduction Campaign and a Recycling Program in the residence halls.

The recycling program in conjunction with Physical Plant, began last year in the apartments on campus; Father Bernard Court, Saint Benedict Court, and Collins and Falvey Houses. This year, the recycling program is expanding to the first-year area. The single-stream recycling program allows the individual student the opportunity to participate in the initiatives on campus. There are plans to expand the program to the entire campus for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Office of Residential Life and Education has also designated two Sustainability RAs to take a lead in working with other Resident Assistants on campus to educate residents on how one can reduce their environmental impact through programming. Sustainability RAs also serve as student representatives on the Environmental Stewardship Committee.

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