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Saint Anselm College's Office of Residential Life and Education recognizes the importance of establishing the living areas on campus as a place of both learning and growing, with the ultimate goal of fostering an inclusive residential environment that is consistent with the College's academic and Benedictine tradition.

The Office of Residential Life and Education is located on the first floor of Alumni Hall. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the office Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Director, Residential Life and Education

Susan Weintraub, M.Ed., M.A. Susan Weintraub, M.Ed.; M.A.; CAGS
Box 1723
(603) 222-4006

Assistant Director

Michael Murphy, M.B.A. Michael Murphy, M.B.A.
(603) 222-4006

Area Coordinators

Bridie Dailey Bridie Dailey Mager, M.Ed.
Father Bernard Court and Holy Cross Hall
(603) 222-4079
Jordan Ethier 

Jordan Ethier, M.Ed.
Saint Benedict Court, Croydon Court, and Falvey House
(603) 641-7558

 Nick Stevenson

Nick Stevenson
Hilary Hall and Bertrand Hall
(603) 641-7928

 Julie Koivisto

Julie Koivisto, M.S.
Brady Hall and The Living Learning Commons
(603) 641-7252

First Year Experience Resident Directors

Kayla Higgins

Kayla Higgins
Joan of Arc Hall and Baroody Hall, 2nd and 3rd Streets
(603) 222-4080
Ryan Ford      Ryan Ford
Dominic Hall and Saint Mary Hall
(603) 641-7559

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