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Meet our Alumni

Want to know where you can go with a Saint Anselm College education? Meet a few of our alumni: 

Lauren Chooljian

Lauren Chooljian '10 - History, Communication
Reporter, Chicago Public Radio

Lauren Chooljian honed her note-taking skills in liberal arts classes, and learned about the news business as an intern at CBS. Her undergraduate experiences were the ideal preparation for a Chicago Public Radio reporter. Read more »

Marianna Eddy

Marianna Eddy '01 - Psychology
Cognitive Neuroscientist, U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center

Marianna's attraction to neuroscience began when she was an Undergraduate Research Scholar at Saint Anselm. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Tufts University and did postdoctoral work at MIT. There, she focused on reading development and dyslexia in children. Read more »

Michael Graver

Michael Graver '06 - Financial Economics
Vice President Institutional Equity Sales, J.P. Morgan Securities

Michael Graver got his first look at Wall Street during the fall of his senior year in his class "Money and Banking." Two years later, when his former professors brought a class to Manhattan's financial district, he was their host in his office at J.P. Morgan Securities. Read more »

Saint Anselm alumnus Kennan MacArthur now works with federal offenders in an adulty reentry program

Kennan MacArthur '13 - Criminal Justice
Program Monitor, Hampshire House

Now the Program Monitor for federal offenders, criminal justice major Kennan MacArthur '13 attributes his success to his criminal justice courses and the volunteer work he did through Saint Anselm's Meelia Center. Read more »

Class of 2013 graduate Jasna Numanovic works at Christie's Art Auction in New York City.

Jasna Numanovic '13 - Communication, Fine Arts
Account Coordinator, Christie's Art Auction

Jasna Numanovic has her dream job. As an account coordinator in the art transport department at Christie's Art Auction, she arranges the domestic and international transport of all kinds of art objects. Read more »

Saint Anselm alumna and accounting major Linh Nguyen is now earning her master's degree

Linh Nguyen '13 - Accounting
Audit Associate, EY

Linh Nguyen majored in accounting because she loves working with numbers and the accounting field gives her a lot of job opportunities. She earned her master's in accounting from University of Rochester and now is an Audit Associate at EY in North Carolina. Read more »

Spanish alumnus Joseph Parodi teaches Spanish

Joseph Parodi '06 - Spanish
Spanish Teacher, Chair Modern Language Dept.

Joseph Parodi is chair and Spanish teacher at a school in Connecticut. "All of a sudden I just realized that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life," he says. "I'm a really social person, and I think I've always liked languages because that means there's more people I can talk to." Read more »

Business alumna Alexandra Puglisi owns and operates her own coffee shop

Alexandra Puglisi '11 - Business
Owner and Manager, Cafe La Reine

It was a dream come true in a coffee mug. At the age of 23, Alex Puglisi has fulfilled her dream as the successful owner of coffee shop, Café La Reine in Manchester, N.H. And she did it using her good business sense and a little advice from her friends at Saint Anselm. Read more »

Michaela Scott

Michaela Scott '09 - Politics
Vice President Business Development, Boston Partners Financial Group

Michaela Scott helps people make informed decisions about their financial strategy. She quickly became part of the management team at Boston Partners Financial Group, and is recognized for her dedication to her clients. Read more »

Classics alumna Ashley Vannasse found her passion at Saint Anselm

Ashley Vannasse '12 - Classics
Graduate student, Florida State University

In 1947, 2,000-year-old scrolls were found in caves along the Dead Sea and this summer, Ashley Vannasse worked in the exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science displaying these ancient artifacts. She's earning her Master of Arts in Classical Archaeology and Museum Studies at Florida State University. Read more »

Where Are They Now: Class of 2015

98% of the class of 2015 was employed, in graduate school or engaged in service within six months of graduation.

CBS Radio 98% of Saint Anselm College's class of 2015 was employed, in graduate school, or engaged in service within 6 months of graduation State Street
U.S. Senate Raytheon
Hasbro BlueCross BlueShield
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston Symphony Orchestra National Public Radio Fidelity Investments New Balance
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