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Max Latona

Associate Professor, Philosophy
The Examined Life of a Philosopher
Ever since he can remember, Max Latona was interested in all things fundamental-where do we come from? Is there a god? Where do we go after we die? After his first college philosophy class, he was destined to become a philosopher. "Socrates said, 'An unexamined life is not worth living,' and I wanted a life worth living," he says. An expert in ancient Greek philosophy, and a student of Indian philosophy, ethics, and phenomenology, Latona says becoming a teacher was a natural outgrowth of his own curiosity and his desire to share knowledge and discovery with other people. His favorite class is ancient philosophy. He co-hosts The Socrates Exchange on New Hampshire Public Radio, created a philosophy faculty exchange program with Radboud University in the Netherlands, and co-founded Inti Soccer Academy, an athletic/academic program for inner city Manchester refugee and immigrant youth

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