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Making It Real


"Search" Piece "THE REASONS:"

This "first-touch" piece leverages brand language, color palette and digital links to introduce prospective students to Saint Anselm College.

Leading with bold, single facts and statements on the front of the deck -- and a photographic montage with a web short link on the back of each card, this is the first print piece that prospective students would receive in the admission cycle.

Number of students 
(a.k.a. Anselmians) 
on our campus. 

Some colleges have more, some have less. To us, it's just about perfect. Enough so that there's always somebody around to toss a Frisbee with, but not so many that the Frisbee hits like 12 people every time you throw it.

Get more information about our students at

Saint Anselm branding collateral

Viewbook 2012-13

Our 2012-13 viewbook completes the core suite of admission publications for prospective students. The viewbook presents design, photography and voice that is in line with the new brand standards. 

The viewbook is designed with bold questions and photography designed to elicit a feeling from prospective students that they could see themselves at Saint Anselm.

The cover (seen at right) exemplifies the style:


Saint Anselm brand collateral


"Welcome Home Anselmian" Door flags

This simple but effective "welcome home" conveyed a sense of community to our community, while driving students to a page on to submit a word, and photo, that encapsulates "what Anselmian means to you."

Originally intended to serve as a wrap around the student handbook, logistics precluded the execution of this plan.

Instead, the piece was distributed, via the Resident Assistant staff, to every residential hall on campus. RA's posted the flags to doors, left them on beds and desks, or distributed them by hand to their residents.

One student posted a photo (at right) to their Twitter account: "Finally home @saintanselm"

Saint Anselm brand collateral

"Anselmian Respect" campaign

The "Anselmian Respect" campaign is a Dean of Student's initiative bringing together various campus offices and programs to reinforce a culture of respect.

Brainstorming, materials (example, at right) and digital marketing were prepared for this project, which will continue throughout the academic year.

Anselmian Respect

Family Weekend postcard

The Family Weekend postcard replaced a previous brochure with an emotive, but light-hearted "save the date" that instructed families to visit the Family Weekend website for the full schedule, and to register for events.

"Visit, play, cheer, tour, and experience life as an ANSELMIAN.
(We know you're curious!)" 

Saint Anselm brand collateral


The Magazine of Saint Anselm College: Portraits (Spring 2012)

Our spring issue celebrated what it means to be an Anselmian, because from the professor in the classroom to the pastry chef in dining services to the supporter who did not attend Saint Anselm, but loves it nonetheless.

Tthere are certain characteristics we share. These features may be hard to precisely define, yet they identify us and bind us together. This issue of the magazine was our defining moment to bring this notion to life.

Portraits photographed dozens of Anselmians, from all walks of life and of all ages. Each of us has a special, personal connection to the college, whether it is through the classroom, the athletic field or the Abbey Church, or through involvement in internships and study abroad. So we asked each person to bring a photo or item that represents that connection.

Portraits cover


Homepage and style sheet updates

The entirety of has been refreshed with a new color palate and fonts, giving the site a crisper, cleaner presentation. We are also prominently linking to our social media hub - an affirmation of our desire for student-created content to be front and center in our marketing of the college to prospective students.

Our "heroes" area is the primary storytelling space on the new homepage of Sliders (controlled by your clicking left and right with the tabs on either side of the image) will feature our best content from across the site. The hero area can feature images, or dynamic content - like video.

Saint Anselm College homepage