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The new core renews and reinvigorates the college's long-standing commitment to the liberal arts by introducing a curriculum designed to serve the needs and aspirations of today's student. The new curriculum builds upon the College's strengths, such as its nationally recognized humanities program, while at the same time building in new features, such as greater student choice from among an increased diversity of core electives. Read more »

New Curriculum Requirements

Learning Outcomes

Core Course Designation

Conversion to Credits

Conversatio course description and syllabi

Course, Interdisciplinary Minor and Major Proposals

New course and  interdisciplinary minor proposals may be submitted to the Office of the Dean of the College twice a year - by October 1 and February 1. Proposals submitted in October will be considered at the November Curriculum Committee meeting. Proposals submitted in February will be considered at the March and/or April Curriculum Committee meeting.

New Major Proposals may be submitted at any time. Before they can be offered, new majors must be approved by the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate, and Board of Trustees. The Trustees meet in October, February, and June. Proposals approved by the Curriculum Committee and Senate by February will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration at its February meeting. Proposals approved by the Curriculum Committee and Senate by May will be forwarded to the Trustees for consideration at its June meeting. Read more »

Academic Honesty

Since the assignments, papers, computer programs, tests and discussions of college course work are the core of the educational process, the College demands the strictest honesty of students in their various academic tasks. To ensure that the standards of honesty essential to meaningful accomplishment in the classroom are maintained, the College sets forth the following clarification of academic dishonesty and sanctioning procedures.

Read more in the College Catalogue, Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook.