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Full Coffee Service $1.95 per person
Regular, decaffeinated and hot water with tea, accompanied by cream, sugar, and sweeteners.
Coffee to Go
Serves 16-20. Choose from regular, decaffeinated, and hot water with team. Includes paper disposables, creamers, sugar and sweetners.
Hot Chocolate $1.50 each
Hot Apple Cider $25/gallon
Canned Soft Drinks $1.00/8oz $1.50/12oz
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and ginger ale.
Aquafina Water $1.25/12oz $1.75/20oz
Sparkling Water
Black Cherry, Orange, or LIme
Canned Juice $1.50/10oz
Orange, cranberry, tomato, and apple
Three Fruit Punch $16.25/gallon
Water Service with Sliced Lemons or Limes $25.00/ 3 gallons (delivery/setup)