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The center plans events and programs to help faculty strengthen and diversify their teaching skills and engage in interdisciplinary conversations and mentoring, and use assessment data to improve student learning. Programs include faculty mentoring, faculty learning communities, a range of workshops, and reading groups.

Faculty Mentoring

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) currently provides two kinds of faculty mentoring.  The first year faculty resource person program pairs new tenure-track and three year faculty members with tenured resource people.   The ongoing Benedictine Heritage Orientation is organized in conjunction with campus ministry staff and other groups on campus.

Faculty Learning Communities

In 2010 and 2011 the CTE has facilitated 5  faculty learning communities focused on engaged learning.  For a list of faculty members involved, their focus and activities see the  faculty learning communities page.


The CTE  offers regular  workshops and discussions. Previous topics have included using concept maps, integrating oral presentations into courses, understanding the brains of millennial students, a conversation with campus coaches about motivating students, and a review of CLA results and the teaching of critical thinking.

The workshops involve sharing experiences, techniques, and tips across disciplinary fields and years of service or exploring a common issue with a campus or outside expert.

The main goal is to promote interdisciplinary conversation and informal faculty mentoring, while providing all faculty with opportunities to hone and expand their excellent teaching. A second goal has been to ensure better connections and communications between the faculty and student support staff across the College.

For more information on upcoming workshops see the Workshops page.

Reading Groups

Occasionally, the center sponsors faculty reading groups on a variety of teaching-related topics.  Faculty may sign up for a group or form their own group.  See Reading Groups page for more information.

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