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Pedagogy Workshops


The Center for Teaching Excellence offers regular workshops and discussions during the academic year.

The workshops involve sharing experiences, techniques, and tips across disciplinary fields and years of service or exploring a common issue with a campus or outside expert.

The main goal is to promote interdisciplinary conversation and informal faculty mentoring, while providing all faculty with opportunities to hone and expand their excellent teaching.  A second goal has been to ensure better connections and communication between the faculty and student support staff across the college.

2010 workshops included:
Concept Mapping, Lang Book Group, Student Brain Workshop, Student Presentation Workshop, Teaching/Coaching, Teaching, Learning, Technology Conference, Syllabus Workshop, Critical Thinking Effective Grading,Race to Nowhere, Courage to Teach Book Group

2011 workshops included:
FLC Engaged Learning, Student Engagement Techniques Book Group,Student Mental Health, Classroom Assessment, Clickers, Sakai

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