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Faculty Disability Resources

Faculty members, working with the Office of Academic Advisement, play a large role in the process of arranging accommodations for students with disabilities.

Students will have a variety of questions for faculty members and, in turn, faculty members will have their own questions for the Office of Academic Advisement. Faculty members will encounter students with disabilities in their classrooms as well as in advising sessions and will be asked a myriad of questions ranging from course selection to accessing services. Students may also request one-on-one time for strategies in handling course demands.

Faculty may direct students to disability services on the current students section of the Web site should any issues or questions arise.

It is important for faculty to know the collegerules and regulations in order to handle student inquiries and understand their responsibilities. This section of the Web site includes information on the relevant laws and legal requirements, general information about disabilities, as well as resources for further study.

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