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Authority to Submit Proposals for Externally Sponsored Projects and Research and Signature Authority for Sponsored Projects and Research

Authorized Organizational Representatives

For the purposes of external grants for sponsored programs and research, the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) of Saint Anselm College is the Chief Financial Officer of the College, who has the authority to bind the institution in formal agreements. The Chief Financial Officer signs all formal award documents, indicating acceptance of the award. Individual faculty, staff, or students are not authorized to bind the college in formal agreements.

Proposal Stage

 At the proposal submission stage, many sponsors require the sign-off of the AOR indicating the institution's willingness to put forward the application on behalf of the Principal Investigator of the proposed project, and in some instances, to provide institutional Certifications and Assurances required by the program. This may involve an actual signature on a form, or a "digital" signature through an electronic submission system. For efficiency in operations, the Director of Sponsored Programs and Research serves as the college's delegate during the proposal submission process, signing on her/his behalf and providing the required Certifications and Assurances for the grant proposal.

The Director of Sponsored Programs and Research invokes this authority only after the proposal has undergone the Routing/Approval process adopted by the college, including the signature of the Executive Vice President, the Dean or Appropriate Vice President, the Vice President of Finance and the Director of Sponsored Programs and Research on the internal Proposal Routing Form. In the event of the absence from campus of a key individual whose signature is required, his/her designee shall sign.

The Director of Sponsored Programs and Research will provide to the Executive Vice President a regular flow of information regarding proposal activity emanating from the Grants Office via quarterly reports and an annual report at the close of each fiscal year. Additionally, the Executive Vice President will be alerted in advance as to individual proposals in development that may require a higher level of institutional scrutiny (e.g., unusually high dollar amounts or institutional commitments).

Saint Anselm College community members are reminded that all grant proposals for sponsored programs and research are to be submitted via Sponsored Programs and Research, who will submit the proposal to the sponsor on your behalf after all internal approvals have been secured. The college reserves the right to withdraw any application that has not been institutionally approved at the proposal stage, or to decline awards emanating from unapproved submissions.

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