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Civic Education

Private Foundations and Funds

Lynde and Harry Bradley
Funds demonstration projects and policy and academic research and writing in relation to the resuscitation of citizenship in the economic, political, cultural, or social realms addressing roots of citizenship, its decline, and prospects for revival.

Carnegie Corporation of New York
Civic education/engagement of young people, integrating immigrants and new citizens into U.S. civic life, addressing structural barriers to civic participation.

Ford Foundation
Youth leadership development and activism.

William T. Grant Foundation
Funds research in health, social and behavioral sciences; funds programs advocating youth empowerment, leadership development and civic participation.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Funds partnerships between college and community to promote learning, academic performance, and workforce development among young people; also funds in and out of school learning.

Merck Family Fund
Funds projects which encourage youth to design, operate, and evaluate ways to make a positive impact on the community. Support youth to research issues of concern, design strategies for change, and implement action plans.

Pew Charitable Trusts
Youth Engagement Initiative goals are to engage youth in voting, joining civic organizations, and public problem-solving.

Surdna Foundation
Effective Citizenry encourages youth to take action to solve serious community problems in partnership with adults (changing institutional culture, policy reform). Promotes equity, justice, fairness, and inclusion in decision-making.

State and Federal Funds

Department of Health and Human Services
The Department includes more than 300 programs, covering a wide spectrum of activities. Some highlights include:

  • Financial assistance and services for low-income families
  • Improving maternal and infant health
  • Head Start (pre-school education and services)
  • Faith-based and community initiatives
  • Preventing child abuse and domestic violence
  • Substance abuse treatment and prevention
  • Services for older Americans, including home-delivered meals
  • Comprehensive health services for Native Americans

Department of State
The Department's agreements support academic, cultural and professional exchange and training programs as a means of seeking mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries and to promote the free exchange of information and ideas.

National Endowment for the Humanities
Promotes excellence in conveying the lessons of history to all Americans. "We the People" initiative provides funds to study American institutions, culture, and history. Funds projects that explore significant events and themes in our nation's history. Provides grants for high-quality humanities projects in education, research and public programs.

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