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Athletic Team Academic Success Rate

Academic Success Rate Report 2004-2007 Cohorts

The table below describes the Academic Success Rate for  student athletes at Saint Anselm College. The percentage reported includes four classes: 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

NCAA Definition

For Division II institutions, the academic success rate (ASR) adds transfer students, second-term enrollees, and those freshmen who did not receive athletics aid to the equation. Students from the entering cohort who are considered allowable exclusions (those who either die or become permanently disabled, those who leave the school to join the armed forces, foreign services or attend a church mission), as well as those who would have been academically eligible to compete had they returned to that institution are removed from the equation.

Men's Sports ASR (%) Women's Sports ASR (%)
Baseball 90 Basketball 92
Basketball 92 CC/Track 92
CC/Track 79 Field Hockey 100
Football 80 W. Ice Hockey 91
Golf 100 Lacrosse 95
Ice Hockey 90 Soccer 94
Lacrosse 94 Softball 96
Soccer 88 Tennis 100
Tennis 100 Volleyball 86
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