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Community Agencies


The Meelia Center is engaged in more than 16 partnerships  in the greater Manchester community.

Each partnership agency is assigned one or more on site student coordinators. The on site coordinator works closely with the agency to develop opportunities, respond to requests, support present volunteers, and recruit new volunteers. On site coordinators also help to ensure that service learners are engaged in work consistent with course learning goals.


The Meelia Center also refers volunteers and service learners to more than 30 affiliates in the greater Manchester community.

Managed Affiliates: The center's three affiliate coordinators facilitate placement and support of volunteers and service learners at 18 affiliate agencies where there is no on site coordination present. While they visit each site each semester, and stay in regular contact with the volunteers and service learners, they are not on site on a weekly basis.

Other Affiliates: In any given semester five to ten additional affiliates agencies may be served with one or more volunteers/service learners. New affiliates are frequently added to respond to community need, student interest, and faculty learning goals. Because of their limited use, these affiliates may not have specific student leaders assigned to manage placement and support. The Meelia Center asks students placed at these sites to keep in close contact with the center so we can assist as needed.

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