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Service Learning Model

Service learning at Saint Anselm helps advance the college's mission to develop "creative and generous" students. For faculty to embrace service learning as a teaching tool, however, it needed to be integrated into the curriculum in a manner that remained true to the academic standards and principles for which Saint Anselm is known.

The ultimate service-learning model was defined with early and ongoing input from the academic dean, and it has become the framework followed by most faculty. Saint Anselm College's service learning model establishes:

  1. Service learning is always one of several options for students. This respects the student's right to choose, and it places equal value on a range of learning strategies.
  2. The service-learning option always represents a small part of the final grade, usually ranging from 15-20 percent. High academic standards are maintained by placing appropriate weight on all aspects of class learning. 
  3. Service learning at Saint Anselm, consistent with accepted definitions, ensures rigorous integration of academic content. This is frequently evaluated through a journal, final paper and/or presentation.
  4. Faculty at Saint Anselm are encouraged to engage students in significant reflection. Each faculty member devises their own manner of reflection, with strategies ranging from journals and Blackboard or in-class discussions.
The Meelia Center holds separate out-of-class reflections facilitated by students and administrators. For the past several years, service-learning faculty have joined together in an end of the semester interdisciplinary reflection/celebration, to which community agency personal and campus administrators are also invited.
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