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Service Learning Process

  1. Faculty members notify service learning coordinator of intent to offer service learning as an option in a course (ideally before courses are due to the registrar to give them an "s-l" notation in the course book).
  2. Faculty members then submit three to four learning goals to the service learning coordinator that will direct selection of placement sites and will direct student learning in the community.
  3. The service learning coordinator creates a list of appropriate placements based on the course learning goals and faculty member preferences. The faculty member reviews and approves the list of service learning placements sites.
  4. Within the two weeks before classes begin faculty members will be asked to approve the final site list and choose to either have an in-class orientation for students in the first or second class, or to require students to attend an evening orientation, which the faculty member must also attend.
  5. Students will be given contracts to be signed by the site and returned to the faculty member. Contracts will be submitted to service learning coordinator at the end of the semester.
  6. All service learning students and faculty are enrolled in Service Learning Course in Blackboard where important document and resources are available.
  7. Faculty members continually enhance the service learning experiences for students by engaging them in reflection and dialogue. Reflection ideas are included in this packet and are posted on Blackboard. The Meelia Center conducts three out of class reflections. Students are required to attend at least two; faculty members may decide to hold their own reflection sessions.
  8. Status forms are forwarded to faculty members two weeks after the service learning placement deadline to verify student site, orientation and start date.
  9. Completed mid semester and final evaluations are submitted to faculty member for review.
  10. Toward the end of the semester, faculty members are asked to collect final student evaluations and return them to service learning coordinator. They may also be asked to distribute evaluations done by site.

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