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Service Learning Books

There are a number of books available In the Meelia Center and in the Geisel Library for faculty, staff, students, and community partners interested in reading more about service learning.

For information about books, journals, and other publications, call the Meelia Center at (603) 641-7108 or e-mail the office at

If interested in borrowing books from the Geisel Library see the library home page for additional information  or call the library at (603) 641-7300. The list of library books on service learning is below.

Meelia Center Books

1. 2001 Members Survey Executive Summary
2. A Season of Service 2001
3. A Season of Service 2002
4. Benchmarks for Campus/Community Partnerships
5. Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum
6. Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Higher Ed.
7. Essential Service-Learning Resources (2)
8. Essential Resources
9. Essential Service-Learning Resources
10. Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit: Readings and Resources for Faculty
11. K-H Partnerships Tool Kit (2)
12. Publications 2003
13. Publications Spring 2004
14. Rethinking Tradition: Integrating Service with Academic Study on College Campuses
15. Revitalizing the Spirit of Democracy
16. Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of SL in Higher Ed (2002)
17. Service Learning Tip Sheets: A Faculty Resource Guide (Indiana Campus Compact) Service Matters
18. Service Statistics 2002
19. Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Spring 2002
20. Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Summer 2003 (2)
21. Service-Learning Consulting Corps
22. Special Report 1999 (Building the SL Pyramid)
23. The New Students Politics
24. Voices of Service: A guide to College Student Service in NH (2001-2002) When Community Enters the Equation
25. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) (2)
26. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (Vol. 9 # 1)
27. MJCSL Service-Learning Course Design Workbook (Summer 2001) (2)
28. A Practitioner's Guide to Reflection in Service Learning
29. Advocacy, Activism, and the Internet: Community Organization and Social Policy
30. Fostering Resiliency 2x4x8 Through Service-Learning (Evaluation Summary)
31. Integrating Service with Academic Study (Spring 2003-Reader)
32. Learning In Deed: The power of service-learning for American Schools
33. Linking Service with Learning (Report from CIC)
34. Service-learning and School Improvement in New Hampshire: Learning from the Field (2)
35. The Journal of Public Affairs (Volume VI, 2002)
36. University + Community Research Partnerships: A New Approach
37. Welfare Reform: How Do We Define Success? (2001 Report)
38. Where's The Learning In Service-Learning?
39. Working Papers on Service-Learning 1997 (Cornell University)

Geisel Library Books

1. Acting Locally: SL in Environmental Studies - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.6
2. Beyond The Tower: SL in Philosophy - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.12
3. Connecting past and Present: SL in History - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.7
4. Constuyendo Puentes: SL in Spanish - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.16
5. Cultivating the Sociological Imagination: SL in Sociology - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.15
6. Educating the Reflective Practitioner - Call Number LC1059. S45 1987
7. Learning by Doing: SL in Accounting - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.1
8. Learning With The Community: SL in Teacher Education - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.17
9. Life, Learning, and Community: SL in Biology - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.2
10. Linking Title I and SL - Call Number LC220.5 .L56 1996
11. Projects That Matter: SL in Engineering - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.5
12. Service Learning For All Students - Call Number L11 .F37 no. 375
13. Service Learning: Curricular Apps. in Nursing - Call Number RT73 .P64 2001
14. SL For Youth Empowerment and Social Change - Call Number LC220.5 .S458 1999
15. SL and Community Service in K-12 (Gov Doc) - Call Number ED 1.328/4:SCH 6/2
16. Practice of Change: SL in Women's Studies - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.18
17. To Serve and Learn: The Spirit of Comm. in Liberal Ed. - Call Number LC220.5 .T6 1998
18. Voices of Strong Democracy: SL in Communications - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.3
19. With Service in Mind: SL in Psychology - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.14
20. Working For The Community Good: SL in Management - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.8
21. Creating community-responsive physicians: Medical Ed. - Call Number LC220.5 .A13 v.9

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