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Hannah Furlong

Describe what attracted you to the Meelia Center, and what your involvement has been through Meelia?

The enthusiastic and highly motivated staff in the Meelia Center originally caught my attention. I enjoyed the busy and excited atmosphere in the office, and loved the idea of working with other young people who are passionate about service. I am currently the Health Affiliates Coordinator- managing the VA Medical Center, St. Joseph's Convent, and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic.

What was the most memorable service experience that you or one of your volunteers has had through the Meelia Center for Community Engagement?

My most memorable service experience was at the VA Medical Center. During one semester, I would attend Sunday mass in the VA chapel, and sing to the veterans. I will never forget the first time I sang Amazing Grace for them. I was surprised and emotionally touched when everyone in the chapel joined me in singing loudly & joyfully.

How does your work and service through the Meelia Center contribute to well-rounded education?

My involvement in the Meelia Center keeps me rooted in constant awareness and compassion for the poor and suffering in our community. It also gives me the opportunity for great responsibility, leadership, and personal development through service.

What skills have you developed through your work at the Meelia Center that will help you realize and achieve your future aspirations?

Working at the Meelia center forces me to be organized, flexible, and dedicated. My involvement in the Meelia Center has also exposed me to more diverse populations in need of our help, and Dan's support has made me realize that a strong and motivated community can accomplish anything. I hope to always utilize these skills & life lessons in my future career as a nurse.

How can service through the Meelia Center help students adjust to life at St. A's.

Service or employment at the Meelia Center is a wonderful opportunity for incoming freshman. It enabled me to get involved early, and build friendships with other students on staff,  as well as other nursing students that I did service learning with. Becoming part of the Meelia Center community also provided me with a physical space that I felt comfortable in-I spend many nights studying in the office when I am not doing service on site.

What particular students would you recommend for your site and why?

I recommend my health-affiliated sites for nursing students! All of my sites provide young nursing students with initial patient interaction, and an opportunity to get acclimated in a medical environment. In addition, volunteering on the VA hospice/palliative care unit is priceless experience for upperclassman nursing majors taking the Understanding Suffering class.

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