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For our community partnerships, the Meelia Center assigns a student on site coordinator to manage the placement and support of volunteers. The coordinator acts as the liaison between the center and the agency, helping to ensure a quality volunteer experience.

  • B.R.I.N.G. I.T.

This site helps refugee families integrate into the school and the larger community through adult ESOL classes and activities for their kids.
Contact: Shelbie Tibbetts

Here volunteers work in the Teen Services Program. It is one of the more challenging placements and can be a very rewarding and eye opening experience. Volunteer roles include working with runaway and homeless youth and going out with the street outreach team, or working in the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program.
Contact: Kerry White

  • English for New Americans

Program is designed to help refugees and immigrants learn English and adjust to a new culture and environment. English classes for adults are offered Monday through Thursday, in the morning and at night. Additional support includes computer and civic literacy and cultural adjustment activities. Volunteers provide classroom support, tutor ESOL students individually, or participate in monthly conversation cafes and campus/community outings.
Contact: | Directions (Word/22KB)

Girls Inc. is an after-school program that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, The program targets economically disadvantaged and at-risk girls ages 5-17, and is located near the college. Girls Inc. provides a supportive environment that fosters confidence, skill-building, and social awareness. The program utilizes more than 20 Saint Anselm volunteers each week. Hours are after school Monday-Friday.
Contact: Paige McGowan | Directions (Word/22KB)

  • Head Start and Early Head Start

Volunteers serve as classroom aides in this pre-school and daycare program for low-income children. They assist teachers with activities and establish helpful relationships with the kids ages 0-5. Volunteers may also choose to work with high-risk children. There are three Head Start centers in Manchester. Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Contact: Alie Lawrence | Directions (Word/23KB)

  • Manchester Elementary Schools

Opportunities for working with students in grades K-5. Volunteers assist in classroom activities, lead small groups, or tutor one-on-one. Service often occurs in English Langauge Learning classes (ELL) and special education classes.  Volunteers also participate in occasional programs such as story time, art projects, field trips, Pen Pals, among others. Hours: Monday-Friday 8-3.
Contact: Chloe Kealey

The DOC is a house of correction and county jail for adult male and female inmates. The department offers a variety of educational and rehabilitation programs that utilize volunteers. Volunteers work with inmates in a classroom environment, tutor individuals in English and Spanish, prepare others in the GED program, and work in the law library.
Contact: Kennan MacArthur | Directions (Word/22KB)

  • Hillsborough County Nursing Home (HCNH)

HCNH is a public nursing home where volunteers can be matched one-on-one with residents in the activities department or the Alzheimer's unit. Some volunteers support seniors with access to computers and the internet. Hours: Daytime hours Monday-Friday
Contact: Lyndsay Davis

Kids' Cafe is a soup kitchen for children run by the Salvation Army. Volunteers help serve the children dinner and participate in after-dinner activities including sports, arts and crafts, and academics. Hours: Monday-Thursday evenings 5:30-8:30. Tutoring center needs volunteers Monday-Friday, 4-5:30.
Contact: Shannon Breen

  • Manchester Adult Learning Center

Adult ESOL classes for various levels of English language instruction for immigrants and refugees. Hours: Monday- Friday 9 a.m.-noon and Monday-Thursday 6-8 p.m.
Contact: Meelia Center

Volunteers in the developmental preschool assist in classes with young children who have autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental disorders. The Wilson school is an inner city K-4 school with a very diverse student body. Volunteers work with individual students and with small groups.
Contact: Alie Lawrence | Directions (Word/23KB)

  • Moore Center

Agency serves adults with developmental disabilities or acquired brain injury. Volunteers assist in the development of life skills classes for clients, as well as facilitate social interactions among their clients. One-on-one tutoring is also available.

Volunteers at this site have the opportunity to help students in special education classrooms or in ESL classroom. These talented middle schoolers need extra encouragement and attention and the teachers are eager for volunteers to help meet individual student needs.
Contact: Chloe Kealey | Directions (Word/22KB)

The VNA Childcare Center in Manchester specifically targets children in low-income families. Volunteers serve in classrooms for children of all ages or become a Big Brother/Big Sister for a child in need of extra attention. Hours: Weekdays from 8:30-5:30
Contact: Jess Serio at | Directions (Word/23KB)

  • Youth Development Center (YDC)

The YDC is a secure facility for juvenile offenders in New Hampshire. Volunteers can participate in the tutoring program, jogging club, special events, and Big Brother/Big Sister programs on the newly renovated YDC campus. Volunteer hours vary.
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  • Meelia Center Special Programs

These Meelia Center initiatives as managed by student coordinators and involve many of the Meelia Center's community partners.

  • Digital Divide

Program works one-on-one with area elderly in nursing homes or in individual apartments, after-school programs, and elementary school classrooms. Volunteers teach basic computer and internet skills and help senior citizens gain access to information they need.
Contact: Sarah Haigh at

  • Mentoring

The mentoring program is a one-on-one match with a school age child. This is a wonderful opportunity to truly connect with a child and to become a positive role model in their lives. There is a minimum commitment of two hours per week for at least one year. Hours vary. Most mentors are placed through Big Brothers/Big Sisters at one of four site-based mentoring programs. Community matches are also supported through the mentoring coordinator and the director.
Contact: Jenna Levesque

Part of a national initiative to match trained literacy tutors with students in grades K-6. Saint Anselm tutors support math and reading at a local elementary schools and several after-school programs. Additional training and support is provided primarily by professional staff at the schools.
Contact Rachel Pedro:

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