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Faculty Experts

Saint Anselm College faculty regularly speak to journalists on issues as diverse as medical ethics; getting older children to read; the authenticity of ancient movie sets; religion in popular fiction; love poetry for the novice writer; and chemicals in ground water.

Our faculty also examine New Hampshire and national politics from a variety of perspectives, and are well known to journalists nationwide for their analysis of presidential politics, voter behavior, the New Hampshire primary, tax policy, and political crises and events.

For faculty experts, please contact Chip Underhill, Director of Media Relations & Editorial Services at (603) 641-7326 or

Areas of Expertise

Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Economics, Business, and Finance

  • Amy Schmidt, Ph.D.: Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics


  • Kelly Demers, Ph.D.: English Language Learners; multicultural education; urban education; integrating arts and creativity into teaching
  • Dianna Gahlsdorf Terrell, Ph.D.: education policy and civic education
  • Aubrey Scheopner Torres, Ph.D.: proficiency or competency-based education; Catholic education
  • Laura Wasielewski, M.Ed., Ed.D.: issues related to special and inclusive education (such as RTI and UDL)

Fine Arts


  • Matt Masur, Ph.D.: U.S. Foreign Relations, Historical Context for Current Foreign Affairs, Previous U.S. Military Intervention

Modern Languages and Literature


  • Erik Cleven, Ph.D.: Terrorism
  • Christopher Galdieri, Ph.D.: The U.S. Presidency, Constitutional Law, History of NH Primary
  • Neil Levesque: History of the NH Primary, Head-to-Head Matchup Analysis, Mechanics of Polling
  • Chani Marchiselli, Ph.D.: Debate Rhetoric
  • Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D.: Voter Behavior, Politics and the Media


  • Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D.: Psychology of Gender


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