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Application Material

*International Students with F-1 Visas applying for internships should read the authorization requirements provided below.

Spring 2014 Internship Program

Application Deadline: October 25, 2013 (students are encouraged to contact the Internship Office to discuss options, if the deadline has passed).

Please complete and submit all forms to the Office of Career Services by 4 p.m. by October 25. Be sure to contact the agencies prior to submitting your application to ensure they are accepting interns for the fall semester.

If the internship agency is currently listed with the Internship Office (Anselmian Career & Employer System/ACES), the Site Description is not needed.

Below are the materials required to apply for the Spring 2014 Internship Program:

  • Internship Placement Agreement (Word/60KB)
  • Copy of unofficial transcript
  • Copy of resume (approved by Career Services)
  • Copies of cover letter for each agency to which application is made
  • Sample resumes, cover letters and other career portfolio information can be accessed in the Resource Library on ACES.

New Internship Locations

If the internship agency is not currently listed with the Internship Office (see agency listings), the agency supervisor must complete the following forms:

  1. Site Description Form (PDF/212KB) - to be completed by agency
  2. Program Fact Sheet (PDF/352KB)  - to be signed by agency representative

International Students

*International students in F-1 visa status must secure written authorization from the Internship Administrator or the department's internship coordinator and Father Benet Phillips, O.S.B., associate registrar, before beginning any internship. This is true for both paid and unpaid internship. Students in F-1 visa status who begin internships without first receiving this written authorization from Fr. Benet will be in violation of federal immigration regulations.

Protect your valid visa status. Access the Curricular Application Training form on the Program Schedule and Information page.