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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?
Seniors and students who will be entering their 2nd semester junior year are eligible to apply. Students must be in good academic standing at time of application (2.0 GPA or higher) and must be in good disciplinary standing.

How much time does an internship take?
Internships require a significant time commitment. Students work 10 hours per week (120 hours for the semester) for 3 credits (1 course fulfillment) or 20 hours per week (240 for the semester) for 6 credits (2 course fulfillments).

What are some important factors to consider when requesting an internship?
Choose an internship that fits your personal and educational interests. Also, you need to think about the type of environment in which you would like to intern; for instance, organizational environment, the setting, and the skills you want to learn or improve.

Are internships for credit?
Through the Internship Office, yes, all internships, including summer internships are for credit. At the will of the agency, students may also receive pay or a stipend for the internship experience. Pay is not guaranteed. The issue of pay must be negotiated between the student and the agency.

How do I obtain academic credit?
If possible, you may also choose to receive credit through your department of major or you may receive credit through the Internship Office. As of fall 2009, only internships related directly to economics and/or business (marketing, advertising, finances, etc) may receive credit through the Internship Office.

How will I be graded? Who will give me a grade?
Depending upon which internship course you are registered for, students will receive a letter grade, a pass/fail grade, or a combination of both. If the internship is completed through the department of major your advisor will address how grades will be recorded.

When will I be interviewed?
Because students apply directly to the prospective internship agency, interviews are scheduled at the will of the agency. Students will be given a deadline as to when the internship needs to be solidified so the Internship Office will encourage students to arrange interviews as quickly as possible.

How do I pre-register or register?
The Internship Office will register you once the internship has been solidified and approved by the Executive Director of the Center for Experiential Learning.

When do I start?
Unless other arrangements have been made with your site supervisor, internships typically begin the second week of the semester.

Do all of my application materials have to be completed for consideration?
Yes, your application, cover letters, resumes, and formal acceptance from the internship agency must be submitted for consideration.

Do I need a car?
Some sites are not located on bus routes, so you may need a car for particular locations.

What if I cannot accept the internship?
It is good practice to thank everyone involved and notify them of your intentions in writing. Students who cancel without notice will not be permitted to re-apply to the internship program.