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The Concord Experience Program and New York State Assembly Internships

The Concord Experience Program

The Saint Anselm College Internship Office, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, and the Politics Department have created a wonderful opportunity for students to intern at the New Hampshire State Senate. The Concord Experience Program, a spring semester internship opportunity, offer students an invaluable professional, political and networking opportunity as interns within the NH Senate. As Concord Experience interns, students track legislation, conduct research on specific issues, attend legislative meetings and hearings as well as General Court sessions, and other activities. The Concord Experience Program gives students first-hand experience in all aspects of the legislative process. Students will also develop professional skills, apply academic theory, and gain an understanding of state government that cannot be taught in the classroom. Most important, Concord Experience interns have the opportunity to work for the state's decision makers and make connections that will benefit them long after graduation.

As with any internship program, an internship with the Concord Experience Program is not guaranteed. Students must submit application to the program, as well as an updated resume and meet academic requirements. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and of junior or senior status are encouraged to apply. The internship requires students to be in Concord three days per week (generally Tuesday through Thursday), with some flexibility. Students will receive three course credits for participation in the Concord Experience. Additionally, students will attend a specialized politics course on the Saint Anselm College campus while participating in the internship program and participate in an online academic forum which serves as the reflective component of the internship, totaling four course credits that are provided for the Concord Experience Program. Students may register for any additional course offered at Saint Anselm College to maintain a full five-course academic load.

Students must complete the application process by the deadlines specified by the Internship Office (see Schedule and Information page on website) and meet with the Executive Director of the Center for Experiential Learning to discuss the program.

New York State Assembly Internships

The New York State Assembly Intern Committee sponsors the Session Internship at the State Capital starting every January.

The session internship offers college students a chance to participate in state government and the legislative process through a well-structured practical learning experience. Most colleges grant Session Interns a full semester of credit, as recommended by the Regents National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (National PONSI). A copy of the 2007 National PONSI credit recommendation is available upon request to the Assembly Intern Office. The Assembly Intern Committee awards a $4,140 stipend (includes book allowance) to each Session Intern.

The Assembly offers up to 150 college students an opportunity to get involved in state government and gain firsthand knowledge of the legislative process. Interns complete an Orientation, are enrolled in the course taught by the Intern Committee faculty and are required to attend Issue Policy Forums on Mondays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Tuesday evenings as scheduled, as part of their academic requirement. Interns are also assigned research and administrative responsibilities in an Assembly office. The Session Internship is a comprehensive program requiring specific academic hours. Students should enroll in no more than three credit hours in addition to the credit granted for the Internship.

Assembly Internships give students an advantage. In today's job market, college graduates face tough competition. Admission to a good law school or graduate program can be difficult. Students need something to help them stand out from the crowd. Real government experience and solid academic performance in the Session and Graduate Internship can help.

The Assembly Intern Committee carefully balances the experiential and the theoretical aspects of the internship. In addition to daily responsibilities, Interns complete: background readings; an orientation; a work/learning contract and regular evaluations; Issue Policy Forums; discussion groups with a Professor-in-Residence; an academic course with required readings and a major research paper; and the Assembly Intern Committee's annual Mock Session.

Each Session Intern enrolls in the following course to complement his/her learning objectives: Politics and Policy in the New York State Legislative Process

  • Helen R. Desfosses, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy, and African Studies
  • Dennis C. Smith, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Administration, New York University, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
  • Roman Hedges, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Students must complete the application process by the deadlines specified by the Internship Office (see Schedule and Information page on Web site) and meet with the director of internships to discuss the program.