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Joe Gill

Why did you decide to do an internship?

I decided to do an internship because I wanted to further my education in a more hands way. Besides my love for politics, I also thoroughly enjoy athletics so for me to have an opportunity to work in an Athletic Communications office was great. I decided to apply for the SNHU internship because of its proximity to Saint Anselm, their similar size, and my previously established relationship with their Director of Media Relations.

If  you could tell someone one reason why they should partake in an internship, what would you say?

Students should absolutely take part in internships for a multitude of reasons, but none bigger than the fact they can further their education. Textbooks can only teach you so much, and usually never talk about the "what-if" situations that you encounter in the workplace. At an internship you learn the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is important because when you make mistakes you will learn how to fix them.

What was the most memorable experience you had while interning?

There were a couple great experiences that I had while interning at SNHU. There are two that stick out, one was good and one was, well not so good. The favorable experience I had was that I got to input statistics for the NCAA men's and women's regional soccer tournament. Teams were coming from across the northeast to play and I was in charge of doing in-game statistics. The negative experience I had came when I inputting statistics for a regular season game. After the game I printed the statistics and brought them down to the opposing coach. Apparently he did not like them because he ripped them up in my face and told them they were garbage and walked away. 

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face during your internship?

The biggest obstacle I faced in my internship was the whirlwind effect. What I mean by this is that I joined the previously established SNHU athletics staff in the middle of a season. By now, everyone knew each other and had a good working relationship with each other. On the other hand, I had to come in try to match my personality and work ethic to theirs so we could work together and be productive.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in doing an internship but haven't applied yet?

I do not think I can stress it enough: Do an internship! I was having a conversation with a roommate the other day when I was half kidding/ half serious when I said half of our curriculum should be intern based. The opportunities that you can create for yourself by spending time in the field you enjoy are endless. Go out there and enjoy every minute of it!

Meet Joe

Joe Gill

Name: Joe Gill

Internship: Southern New Hampshire University Athletics

Major: Politics

Year of Graduation: 2013