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Student Ambassadors Host Citizenship Week

August 15, 2013

Kate Giaquinto
The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library
(603) 222-4115

The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library's Kevin Harrington Student Ambassadors' Civic Engagement Committee will host this year's Citizenship Week celebration for Saint Anselm College students, Sept. 13 - 20.

Citizenship Week is an annual celebration of democracy and American citizenship. Events, such as hosting a naturlization ceremony and offering free and informative voter registration resources like TurboVote, help to expose and engage students in active civic discourse in their communities.2012 Voter Registration Drives

"Citizenship week is a vital part of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library's mission to engage new and returning Anselmians in the numerous forms of civic participation," said Civic Engagement Committee co-chair Ashley Scoville '15.

"In a time when many Americans have become discouraged by the world of politics, it is more important than ever to remind others that civic engagement is a bipartisan interest and responsibility that goes beyond just voting."

With more than 300 Saint Anselm College students using TurboVote in 2012, the college will again offer free an easy-to-use voter registration service. TurboVote allows students to request appropriate voter registration materials, election date reminders and absentee ballots in one quick, and easy process.

Annual Citizenship Week events will also include a Naturalization Ceremony to celebrate new American citizens and Saint Anselm College pub trivia, which will get an all-American makeover with questions from the citizenship test, American history, and politics. Trivia will be available to all students for the first time, held in both the pub and coffee shop, simultaneously.

Student Ambassador Civic Engagement Committee co-chair Karen Ejiofor '16 adds, "I think Citizenship Week is a week where we realize how lucky we are to be United States citizens. It also gives us the opportunity to witness other people become citizens during the naturalization ceremony.

"It's a wakeup call that as citizens we have a civic duty to vote for our elected officials, and is something we should not take for granted."

The Civic Engagement Committee is a leadership role within the Kevin Harrington Student Ambassador program. Students who are part of this committee work on creating and offering programming for the college community specific to civic engagement initiatives, like Citizenship Week, at the Institute.

This year's Civic Engagement Committee includes co-chairs are Ashley Scoville '15 and Karen Karen Ejiofor '16 and committee members John Pearson '14, Caleb Mason ‘14, Brian O'Shea ‘14, Jesse Imse '14, Griffin Roberge '15, Katie Muzzy '15, Eric Brandolini '15, Kevin Lefrancois '15, Maria Turner '16, James Larson '16, and Nicholas Petromelis ‘16.

Citizenship Week Events

  • Friday, September 13, 3 p.m.: Naturalization Ceremony
    This event is free and open to Saint Anselm College students, please RSVP by September 6 to (603) 222-4100 or
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17, 9:00 p.m.: Pub Trivia, Saint Anselm Pub and Coffee Shop
    Open to all students for the first time, however, you must be at least 21 to participate in the pub.
  • Monday Sept. 16- Friday Sept. 20: TurboVote Voter Registration Drive
    Times and locations:
    • Monday, Sept. 16: Davison 11-2 and 5-7
    • Tuesday, Sept. 17: Davison 11-2 and 5-7; C-Shop 7-9
    • Wednesday, Sept. 18: Davison 11-2 and 5-7
    • Thursday, Sept. 19: Davison 11-2 and 5-7; C-Shop 7-9
    • Friday, Sept. 29: Davison 11-2

Saint Anselm College students can sign-up online at  anytime to receive registration forms and your absentee ballot for all elections for free!

For more information about voter registration, and New Hampshire Voter Laws, please visit our voter registration page.

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