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Saint Anselm College hosts NEW Leadership New England

June 17, 2013

Kate Giaquinto
New Hampshire Institute of Polititcs
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The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College hosted more than 20 women from colleges and universities in New England for NEWTM Leadership, a five-day residential leadership training program for undergraduate women. It is designed to educate and empower young women to give them the skills to be part of the next generation of women leaders.NEW Leadership Program

Throughout the week, the 2013 class of young women, led by Saint Anselm College professor of psychology and NEW Leadership Director Elizabeth Ossoff, heard from more than 35 women in leadership roles in business, politics, non-profit and public relations.

"We had another great year with  NEWTM Leadership New England. This was a very engaged class who took full advantage of all of our wonderful speakers," said Ossoff. "They took the messages of multiple roads to political engagement to heart and we expect great things from them in the future."

Saint Anselm College students Katherine Muzzy '15, and Erin Keefe '16, were chosen to represent the college from a competitive applicant pool. Both students also work as Kevin Harrington Student Ambassadors at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

"NEWTM Leadership was an inspiring program and I am so blessed to have spent a week with twenty other ambitious women from colleges all over New England. We were lucky enough to meet powerful and successful women who taught me a lesson that I will never forget: why not me?" said Muzzy, an American Studies major.

Keefe, a business major, adds, "My experience at the NEWTM Leadership conference is one that I will remember for the rest of my life. The networking, communicating and the leadership skills have already boosted my confidence and I know will help me be a successful woman in whatever career path I choose."

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan delivered the keynote address on Wednesday, June 12. She emphasized the importance for women in leadership roles but explained how there is a need for both men and women in decision-making positions because they have different experiences to draw from.

"We make better decisions when we have both men and women at the table," said Governor Hassan.

She also encouraged young women to do what they love and to find ways to say "yes" and to pursue a passion. She explained that while time management maybe a concern, especially for families, hardworking mothers and fathers are role models for their children and can appreciate how their parents are trying to make their lives better.

Hassan also said that she is asked if he likes her job regularly and she said "This is the best job ever-you all should try to get it...after I'm done!"

Students also heard from women like Lisa Wong, the energetic 34-year-old mayor of Fitchburg, Mass., who spoke to the NEWTM Leadership class on Sunday following dinner.

Mayor Wong became Fitchburg's first minority and youngest female mayor when she was only 28 years old, and has been re-elected multiple times. She focused her discussion on the city's education system and how she has positioned education as a means of decreasing crime and poverty in her urban city.

She presented her role as mayor to the women at the conference as something that is attainable for all young women and emphasized how a long resume does not trump a passionate, hard-working person.

On Friday, the students presented final projects which dealt with immigration reform legislation using what they learned from the speakers that week and then they officially graduated from the program.

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