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Over 200 Students Register, Receive Absentee Ballots

October 09, 2012

Kate Giaquinto
(603) 222-4100

The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College and TurboVote helped more than 200 students register to vote, receive absentee ballots and voting date reminders in less than one month.

This online registration process was designed to be "as easy to use as renting a Netflix movie" and TurboVote has seen more than 100,000 college-age student users across the country request registration forms or absentee ballots this year.

Saint Anselm College freshman Meagan Trayers said "I used turbo vote! I thought it was significantly more user friendly than having to go to the Secretary of States or my town clerk's office. There's really no excuse for not getting an absentee ballot when it's so easy. Now I'm just waiting for my ballot to arrive in the mail."

The Kevin Harrington Student Ambassador Civic Engagement Committee played a large part in implementing the process, holding registration sessions throughout Citizenship Week from Sept. 10-14 and going door-to-door in residence halls.

Neil Levesque, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library said "The Institute is built on the concept of creating a civically engaged community. TurboVote has moved the community closer to this goal and made voting easier for many students enrolled at the college, encouraging students to play an active role in the election process this fall."

TurboVote allows users to request pre-filled voter-registration form or vote-by-mail application be sent to them in the mail. The form gets to the voter with a stamped, addressed envelope, so it's easy to sign and drop in the mail, similar to Netflix's service. Then, many will receive the vote-by-mail application; they send the voter a mail-in ballot.

TurboVote is a project of Democracy Works, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that is passionate about building the democracy of the future.

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