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Top Ten 2012 Institute Events

December 17, 2012

Kate Giaquinto
The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library
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The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College played a significant role in the state's biggest political events this past year, hosting speakers, panels and debates relating to the November 2012 general election.

This year's top ten Institute events include: (in no particular order)

10. Lincoln-Douglas Debate with former Speaker Newt Gingrich and Governor John Huntsman set the stage for the political events to follow in 2012. (Dec. 2011)

9. The Lesser-Known Candidate Forum gave 17 lesser-known New Hampshire primary candidates the opportunity to debate and to speak directly to their voters. (Dec. 2011) Full story>>

8. New Hampshire Primary: The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library and Saint Anselm College became the epicenter for national and international news organizations covering the election. These included ABC News and Fox News, who set up studios and produced live broadcasts from campus. Drawing more than 600 journalists from around the world, the ABC, WMUR, Yahoo! News Republican Debate gave candidates a chance to make a final pitch to the all-important New Hampshire primary voter, continuing a primary-year tradition at the Institute and at Saint Anselm. (Jan. 2012) Full story>>

7. How They Manage: A Campaign Manager's Perspective of the 2012 NH Primary, moderated by WMUR's James Pindell, focused on campaign managers from the top six republican presidential campaigns, including Jim Merrill, of the Mitt Romney Campaign; Andrew Hemingway, Newt Gingrich Campaign; Jared Chicoine, Ron Paul Campaign; Mike Biundo, Rick Santorum Campaign; Kerry Marsh, Rick Perry Campaign; and Sarah Crawford Stewart, Jon Huntsman Campaign. (Feb. 2012)

6. The Justice Series speakers included U.S. District Attorney N.H., John Kacavas, N.H. Attorney General Michael Delaney, Jared Gesner, who spoke about on Working to Free Prisoners of Conscience, Dr. Saul Kassin, on Why Innocents Confess, and U.S. District Judge Joseph Laplante, speaking on The American Jury Trial. (Spring and fall 2012) Full story>>

5. The Bookmark Series continued with authors including Boston Globe reporters and authors, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman on The Real Romney; former aide to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, John O'Sullivan, on Leading Lady: Margaret Thatcher and the Political Destiny of Women; former Senator Russ Feingold on his book While America Sleeps; and Los Angeles Times Editor Jim Newton, on his book Eisenhower: The White House Years; Sasha Issenberg, The Victory Lab; Dr. Jean Edward Smith, Eisenhower in War and Peace, and Saint Anselm College Professors' Ward Holder and Peter Josephson, The Irony of Barack Obama: Barack Obama, Reinhold Neibuhr and the Problem of Christian Statecraft. (Spring and fall 2012)

4. The 100th Town Hall Meeting with presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his vice presidential pick Paul Ryan drew more than 5,000 New Hampshire and area voters. (Aug. 2012) Full story>>

3. Ten debates between New Hampshire's congressional and gubernatorial candidates took place at the Institute between the Primary and General Election. Major partners for these debates included WMUR-TV, The New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire Public Television, New Hampshire Public Radio, the Business and Industry Association the New Hampshire Police Association and the New Hampshire Medical Society. Congressional district one and two candidates debated as well as gubernatorial candidates throughout the fall on issues ranging from healthcare, to law enforcement and the state of New Hampshire's economy and education. (Sept. and Oct. 2012)

2. Kids Voting USA welcomed over 200 fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in a mock election hosted by the Institute just one day before Election Day. Students voted for the offices of president, first and second congressional districts and governor. Students reflected the Nov. 6 results by electing Barack Obama for a second term, Maggie Hassan for governor, Carol-Shea Porter for CD1 and Annie Kuster for CD2. Additionally, more than 7,000 New Hampshire K-12 students took part in a remote mock election activity called DoubleClick Democracy during October and November. (Oct. and Nov. 2012) Full story>>

1. How The Swing States Swung: lead New Hampshire pollster, and Obama and Romney Strategists Discuss the 2012 Election with's Political Director James Pindell. Panelists included University of New Hampshire Professor and Survey Center Director Andrew Smith, New Hampshire State Director for the Obama for President Campaign Pete Kavanaugh and New Hampshire Senior Advisor for Romney for President Jim Merrill. (Dec. 2012)


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