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Advisors and Staff

Barbara Baudot, professor of international politics, and chair of the Politics Department is the coordinator of the Thomas J. Dodd Center for International Affairs and Law.

An interdisciplinary faculty support committee has been established and meets periodically to advise and to contribute to the work of this center. Presently, it includes the following members.

  • Jonathan Acuff, Politics/International Relations
  • Eric Berry, Biology
  • Montague Brown, Philosophy
  • Dennis MacDonald, Sociology
  • Ed McGushin, Philosophy
  • Dennis Sweetland, Theology
  • Silvia Shannon, History
  • Matthew Masur, History
  • Christine Kearney, Politics/International Relations
  • Teresa Mendez Faith, Modern Languages
  • Elaine Rizzo, Criminal Justice
  • Thomas Fitzpatrick, Business/Economics
  • Dan Lavoie, Biology
  • Poppy Fry, History
  • Yemi Mahoney, Multicultural Center Director
  • Sara Smits, Sociology


  • Sarah Gingerella, Class of 2010
  • Stephen Shorey, Class of 2011
  • Sedona Chinn, Class of 2013
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