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Global Topics was a peer-reviewed undergraduate electronic journal featuring writing on international, transnational, global, and comparative topics from a variety of disciplines. It was produced by the Center for International Affairs at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Articles were written by undergraduates or were the product of collaborative undergraduate/faculty research. 

Contents of Volume 10, 2012

Article # 2012-1 (PDF/176KB)
Salt of the Earth and Olive Roots: Cultural Adaptation of Protestant/Evangelical Groups in the Levant Region
By Elise Alexander, American University

Article # 2012-2 (PDF/132KB)       
In Preach and Practice: 'Extremism' and the Exploitation of Violence
By Andrea Dillon, Brown University

Article # 2012-3 (PDF/104KB)
Emerging Empowerment: An Institutional Approach to Analyzing Afghanistan's Women
By Aubrey Bellezza, Saint Joseph's University 

Article # 2012-4 (PDF/171KB)
"Concern for...South Africa must not impel us to commit acts of economic suicide"
By Michael Melendez, Brigham Young University

Contents of Volume 9, 2011

Introduction (PDF/9KB)
Dr. Matthew Masur, Faculty Advisor

Article # 2011-1 (PDF/491KB)
Enhancing Action to Limit Illicit Small Arms and Light Weaponry Traffic in the Black Sea Region
By Cosmin Ghita, Bates College

Article # 2011-2 (PDF/110KB)       
The Importance of International Support and State Re-Building after Internal Conflict: Applying the Lessons of Kosovo to Contemporary Sudan
By Colin Mahoney, Saint Joseph's University

Article # 2011-3 (PDF/175KB)
The Past, Present, and Future of Iranian-Israeli Relations
By Sarah Oliai, Michigan State University

Article # 2011-4 (PDF/267KB)
The Role of Justice in Democracy and Islam
By Amanda Peters, Saint Anselm College

Article # 2011-5 (PDF/123KB)
Counterinsurgency Victory in Afghanistan
By Tom Seaman, Saint Anselm College

Article # 2011-6 (PDF/85KB)
Striking a Balance: The Domestic-Foreign Nature of Public Law 480
By W. Grant Stoddard, Brigham Young University 

Article #2011-7 (PDF/KB)
Identity "from Below" Political Mobilization at the 2010 World Cup South Africa
By Will von Geldern, Grinnell College

Contents of Volume 8, 2010

Article # 2010-1 (PDF/64KB)
HIV in Senegal: Historical, Political, and Cultural Dynamics
By Erin Ballou, Beloit College

Article # 2010-2 (PDF/76KB)       
The Power of the Streets:
The Mobilization of Iranian Citizens Towards the Overthrow of the Shah

By Lauren Elizabeth Chooljian

Article # 2010-3 (PDF/162KB)
We Have Ways of Making You Talk…World War II British Interrogation Tactics:
A Historical Moral Study
By Patrick Doerr, Saint Anselm College

Article # 2010-4 (PDF/76KB)
Negotiating Identity:
Prospects for Jordanian and Syrian Peace with Israel in the 1990s
By Alexa J. Hoyne, College of William & Mary

Article # 2010-5 (PDF/76KB)
Navigating the Blackwater:
Private Security Contractors and Iraqi Counterinsurgency
By Alexa J. Hoyne, College of William & Mary

Article # 2010-6 (PDF/104KB)
Educating the Forgotten: Non-Formal Education in Urban Kampala
By Eleanor Huntington, University of Notre Dame

Article # 2010-7 (PDF/80KB)
Elite and Masses in the Romanian Revolution: Explaining the June 1990 Mineriade
By Jessica Kuntz, Georgetown University

Article # 2010-8 (PDF/113KB)
White Eagle, Red Betrayal:
Polish-Soviet Relations in the Second World War, 1939-45
By Cadet Jonathan A. Lewczyk, USAF

Article # 2010-9 (PDF/88KB)
Genocide in the 21st Century:  Domestic Activism and American Foreign Policy in Darfur, Sudan
By Meredith Morgan, University of Southern Maine

Article # 2010-10 (PDF/127KB)
Man Versus Machine? A Study of Manned and Unmanned Military Tactic in Iraq
By Connor P. O’Brien, Saint Anselm College

Article # 2010-11 (PDF/113KB)
Economic Security and the European Dream
By Anthony Louis Ocepek, Marquette University

Article # 2010-12 (PDF/112KB)
A Lion Without Teeth: The Failure of the Responsibility to Protect
By Chandra Sheehy, Salem State College

Article # 2010-13 (PDF/167KB)
Agenda Setting and Issue Priming: The 2003 United Nations Deliberations on Iraq
By Gregory W. Wallace, Saint Anselm College

Volume 7, 2009

Introduction (PDF/11KB)
Dr. Christine Gustafson, Faculty Advisor

Article # 2009-1 (PDF/87KB)
Dangerous Bedfellows: Asymmetric Warfare and Rising Chinese Power
By Colin Cronin, University of Puget Sound

Article # 2009-2 (PDF/38KB)      
Defying Modernization Theory: The Case of India
By Emily Dubie, Saint Anselm College

Article # 2009-3 (PDF/108KB)
A Transatlantic Strategy to Reducing Security Concerns in the Middle East
By Garrett Heilman, University of Puget Sound

Article # 2009-4 (PDF/110KB)
Inaction through Tears: Realism and U.S. Policy on Genocide 
By Charlotte Hill, University of California, Berkeley

Article # 2009-5 (PDF/39KB)
Internal Incongruities: An Examination of Sanctity, Profanity and Islamic Ritual Purification 
By Alexa Hoyne, College of William & Mary

Article # 2009-6 (PDF/98KB)
Islamic Origins: A Study of Shari’ah’s Compatibility with International Human Rights Standards
By Alexa Hoyne, College of William & Mary

Article # 2009-7 (PDF/210KB)
Soldiers for Hire: The Role of Private Military Contractors in Iraq
By Rossella Maria Moyer, University of Southern Maine

Article # 2009-8 (PDF/66KB)
Operation Iraqi Freedom: Liberal Folly and the Neorealist Perspective
By Connor P. O’Brien, Saint Anselm College

Volume 6, 2008

Introduction (PDF/9.75KB)
Dr. Christine Kearney, Faculty Advisor

Article# 2008-1 (PDF/53KB)
Ukraine: A Transitional Democracy

By Brian Lawson, Saint Anselm College

Article# 2008-2 (PDF/1.53MB)
A Pragmatic Conception of China's Involvement in the United Nations "Oil-for-Food" Programme
By Clayton W. Skinner, Georgia Institute of Technology

Article# 2008-3 (PDF/59.4KB)
Continuing Democratization

By Elissa Rauth, Saint Anselm College

Article# 2008-4 (PDF/77KB)
Hegemony: the U.S. Nation-State, Global Capitalism, and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

By Brian Thiede, Bucknell University

Article# 2008-5 (PDF/62KB)
Analyzing the Ultimate Threat: "Rogue States" and Nuclear Dissemination to Terrorist Networks
By Stephen M. Herzog, Knox College

Article# 2008-6 (PDF/54KB)
Pakistan's Problem of Consolidation
By Michael Bouton, Saint Anselm College

Article# 2008-7 (PDF/141KB)
Closing the NAFTA Gap: Applying EU Integration to U.S. Immigration

By Lahkpreet Gill and Emma Banks, Cornell University

Article# 2008-8 (PDF/86KB)
Legitimacy of the Extraordinary Chambers of the Cambodian Court
By Sonia Skidmore, Beloit College

                    Volume 5, 2007

                    Dr. Christine Kearney, Faculty Advisor

                    Article # 2007-1 (PDF/51KB)
                    Turkey's Transforming Political Culture: A Prerequisite for EU Accession
                    By Ashley Fitzpatrick, University of Southern Maine

                    Article # 2007-2 (PDF/580KB)
                    Gun Barrel Democracy

                    By Benjamin Holder, University of Southern Maine

                    Article # 2007-3 (PDF/61KB)
                    Freedom of the Skies: International Law and the Aviation Industry
                    By Alexander Parets, Marquette University

                    Article # 2007-4 (PDF/93KB)
                    Immigration and the Lega Nord: Racisim Italian Style

                    By Elizabeth Sell, St. Michael's College

                    Article # 2007-5 (PDF/59KB)
                    An Analysis of Censorship of the Internet in China
                    By Grace Thompson, University of Maryland

                    Article # 2007-6 (PDF/61KB)
                    An Assessment of the Relationship Between Global Integration and Human Development
                    By James F. Wellock, Nick Anzalone, Scott Blanchard, Justin French and Catie Schadlick Saint Anselm College

                                  Volume 4, 2006

                                  Introduction (PDF/95KB)
                                  Dr. Dennis MacDonald, Faculty Advisor

                                  Article # 2006-1 (PDF/59KB)
                                  Embracing American Empire

                                  By Pratik Chougule, Brown University

                                  Article # 2006-2 (PDF/110KB)
                                  Constructing Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Destructive or Constructive?

                                  By Rachel Hoffman, Brown University

                                  Article # 2006-3 (PDF/43KB)
                                  Placing Civil War under the Scope of International Law: The Prospect of Codifying Ius in Bello Interno

                                  By Rujana Pavlic, Brussels School of International Studies

                                  Article # 2006-4 (PDF/80KB)
                                  The International Trade in Human Organs: Combating the Demand for Life

                                  By Elizabeth Shivvers, Brown University

                                  Article # 2006-5 (PDF/34KB)
                                  Genesis: The Rise of al-Qaida as an International Player
                                  By Greg Trumble, Heidelberg College

                                            Volume 3, 2005

                                            Introduction (PDF/18KB)
                                            Dr. Dennis MacDonald, Faculty Advisor

                                            Article# 2005-1 (PDF/202KB)
                                            The Privatization of Military Affairs: A Look into the Private Military Industry

                                            By Kyle M. Ballard, Occidental College

                                            Article# 2005-2 (PDF/73KB)
                                            Damsels in Distress, Frustrated Old Women, and the Masculine Enterprise A Feminist Interpretation of the Actions and Language of the Vietnam War

                                            By Betsy Beasley, University of Georgia

                                            Article# 2005-3 (PDF/113KB)
                                            The Combined Success of the International Tropical Timber Agreements

                                            By Dunya Chirchi, University of Oregon
                                            Article# 2005-4 (PDF/124KB) 

                                            Indochina as a Player in U.S. Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia during the First Eisenhower Administration, 1952 to the Creation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
                                            By Elizabeth E. Lamm, Bridgewater College
                                            Article# 2005-5 (PDF/152KB)

                                            Resilient Alliance: NATO's Continuing Importance in a Europe Working towards a Common Defense
                                            By Steven Pittz, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

                                                Volume 2, 2003

                                                Article 2003-1 (PDF/146 KB)
                                                The Mismanagement of British Policy During the Black and Tan War: The Inadequate Response to Crown Reprisals
                                                By Carolyn Kimball, Saint Anselm College

                                                Article 2003-2 (PDF/122 KB)
                                                Anarchism and the Movement Against Globalization in the United States
                                                By Ben Holtzman, Vassar College

                                                Article 2003-3 (PDF/194 KB)
                                                Security Masculinity: The Gender-Security Nexus
                                                By Lauren Wilcox, Macalester College

                                                Article 2003-4 (PDF/107 KB)
                                                Anti-Semitism and the Catholic Media in France during the Dreyfus Affair (1894-1900)
                                                By Anthony Zavagnin Saint Anselm College

                                                      Volume 1, 2002

                                                      Article 2002-1 (PDF / 149 KB)
                                                      Unipolarity in Post-Cold War International Politics

                                                      By Luke McInerney, University of Melbourne

                                                      Article 2002-2 (PDF / 95 KB)
                                                      The Indian Mutiny and the Taiping Rebellion: Armed Conflicts Against Change

                                                      By Gavin Ng, Washington University in Saint Louis

                                                      Article 2002-3 (PDF / 140 KB)
                                                      Building Peace: Christians and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

                                                      Eric Getty, Williams College

                                                      Article 2002-4 (PDF / 103 KB)
                                                      Paradoxes of Kazakh Language "Revival" in Kazakhstan
                                                      By Zhanara Nauruzbayeva, Bryn Mawr College 

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