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Global Topics is a peer-reviewed undergraduate electronic journal featuring writing on international, transnational, global, and comparative topics from a variety of disciplines. It is produced by the Center for International Affairs at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Articles are written by undergraduates or are the product of collaborative undergraduate/faculty research.

Contents of Volume 10, 2012

Article # 2012-1 (PDF/176KB)
Salt of the Earth and Olive Roots: Cultural Adaptation of Protestant/Evangelical Groups in the Levant Region
By Elise Alexander, American University

Article # 2012-2 (PDF/132KB)       
In Preach and Practice: 'Extremism' and the Exploitation of Violence
By Andrea Dillon, Brown University

Article # 2012-3 (PDF/104KB)
Emerging Empowerment: An Institutional Approach to Analyzing Afghanistan's Women
By Aubrey Bellezza, Saint Joseph's University

Article # 2012-4 (PDF/171KB)
"Concern for...South Africa must not impel us to commit acts of economic suicide"
By Michael Melendez, Brigham Young University

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