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Konrad Raiser, public intellectual and author, was the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) from 1993-2003 and Professor of Theology, Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany), presented a lecture titled "Do We Witness a Re-enchantment of the World?"
[March 16, 2009]

Art, Ideas, and the Cold War
Louis Menand, author of The Metaphysical Club, gave a lecture on Art and Politics. Dr. Menand is the Robert M. and Anne T. Bass Professor of English and American Literature and Language at Harvard University, and considered to be one of America's foremost cultural critics and historians. His most famous work The Metaphysical Club (2001), a detailed history of American intellectual and philosophical life in the 19th and 20th centuries, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in history in 2002. [November 20, 2008]

Politics and the Arts: Political Cartoons
Joe Szabo, an internationally known editor, publisher, and former political cartoonist both, in Europe and the United States lectured on international political cartoons about the United States. Szabo’s cartoons have been published in high-profile newspapers in twenty-four countries. He created and published WittyWorld International Cartoon Magazine which is read in hundreds of countries. Mr. Sazbo has organized and chaired the most diverse international cartoon festival and has received thirteen international awards and honors, including an International Press Prize from Belguim and a Lifetime Achievment Award from Mexico. Currently, Mr. Szabo is currently conducting a world-wide study for a book he is writing about the "The Image of America." [October 28, 2008]

Letters from Nuremburg: My Father’s Narrative on a Quest for Justice
U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd offered a lecture on his father’s experience in the Nuremburg trails following the Second World War.  The speech followed the dedication service of The Honorable Thomas J. Dodd Center for International Affairs and Law.  [Friday April 25, 2008] 

The Situation in Iraq Today: and the Role of the United Nations
Kishore Mandhyan, Deputy Director for Political, Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian Affairs at the United Nations spoke about the current situation in Iraq.  Mr. Mandhyan spent years working for the UN in battlefields in both the Balkans and Iraq and has only recently been transferred to the UN Headquarters in New York.
[Wednesday April 23, 2008] 

China-U.S. Relations: A View from a Chinese Scholar
Dr. James Liu discussed the Chinese perspective of China- US relations from the Cold War on.  He highlighted political and cultural differences between the two nations and how these differences affect the way each side views the fragile relationship.

Dr. James Liu has been an Affiliated Associate in Research at the Harvard Fairbank Center for East Asian Research since 2002.  His work is focused on globalization and the rise of China.
[Wednesday, March 12, 2008]

The Divine Handiwork: Evolution and the Wonder of Life
Dr. Owen Gingerich, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and the History of Science at Harvard University and senior astronomer emeritus at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, spoke about his new book God’s Universe. Dr. Gingerich discussed how the design of the universe lends itself to the idea of a divine creator with a master plan.  He highlighted the order and set up of the universe to show that the world was not created from chaos. This event was cosponsored by the Philosophy Department at Saint Anselm College and the International Relations Club. [Tuesday, January 29, 2008]

Can We Afford the Future? The Economics of a Warming World
Frank Ackerman, Ph.D.
(Harvard University – Economics), has written widely on climate change, energy, waste, and environmental policy. Dr. Ackerman addressed the more pressing global economic issues related to climate change.  He focused on three “big ideas”: (1) The importance of our descendents (2) Uncertainty is inescapable and (3) Some costs are better than others.  In this content he discussed appropriate discount rates, insurance against risks, and the meaning of costs. Dr. Ackerman also hosted an afternoon seminar with students from Professor McGushin’s Business Ethics class which focused on his most recent book Priceless: On Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.  This event  was cosponsored by the International Relations Club. [Monday, November 19, 2007]

Even War Has Limits: International Humanitarian Law
Dr. Jean Francois Queguiner described the different dimensions of international humanitarian law and distinguishing it from human rights law.  He also discussed the work of the Committee of the International Red Cross as a promoter of international humanitarian law. Dr. Jean Francois Queguiner has been a professor of International Law at the University of Geneva, and is one the world’s few experts on International Humanitarian Law. He is currently working with the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC. [September 13, 2007]

Identity Perspectives on the EU-US Relationship (2007)
Consuls General from European Union Member States.  Panel discussion moderated by Professor Barbara Baudot.  Panelists included: François Gauthier, Counsel General of France; Wolfgang K. Vorwerk, Consul General of Germany; and John Rankin, Consul General of the United Kingdom.

EU Panel Discussion “Identity Perspectives on the EU-US Relationship”
Consuls General from European Union Member States participated in a discussion moderated by Professor Barbara Baudot.  Panelists included: François Gauthier, Counsel General of France; Wolfgang K. Vorwerk, Consul General of Germany; and John Rankin, Consul General of the United Kingdom. [January 25, 2007]

William Martel, Ph.D. "Why America's Debate about Victory in War?"
Professor Martel, associate professor of International Security Studies at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University spoke about national security, terrorism, and foreign policy. [October 19, 2006]

Dr. Konrad Raiser "The Challenge of World Poverty: Is Economic Growth the Answer?" Former Director General of the World Council of Churches. [Ocotber 6, 2005]

Frank Dixon, a consultant to Wal-Mart on environmental sustainability. He lectured on the topic of the current world environmental crisis and what steps corporate America can take to abate it. The title of his lecture was "Gross National Happiness: Corporate responsibility and sustainable environment." A podcast of Dixon's lecture is available. [February 15, 2006] 

Dr. Beena Sarwar, a Neiman Fellow at Harvard, Pakistani Journalist and well known Pakistani feminist offered a lecture on gender, politics, and human rights. [March 16, 2006] An interview with Dr. Sarwar and a podcast of her lecture are available.

Arthur Holcombe,  Former United Nations Representative in China and presently President of the United Nations Association of Greater Boston.  He is also the President of the Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund.  He spoke on the relationship between China and Tibet. [October 28, 2004]

Thomas Biersteker, the Director of the Watson Center for International Affairs, Brown University.  He addressed issues of global governance and the funding of terrorism. [November 22, 2004]

“Music and Politics in Jamaica”
Joshua Chamberlain
, NH Legislative Aide, and Founder and President of The Soul of the Lion Sound System, LLC will present a multi-media discussion of the history and music of Jamaica, a country where personal identity is directly linked to both music and nationhood. [November 18, 2004] 

Adama Diarra, president of the National Solidarity Fund, Mali, and a representative of his country to the United Nations, spoke to students on principles of culture and sustainable development in Africa. The title of his speech was "The Politics of Poverty."  He also gave an afternoon seminar. [February 23, 2005]

M. Thierry Vankerk-Hoven, Consul General of the Republic of France spoke to students on the relationship between France and the US since the Iraq war. [February 23, 2005]

Jakov Jakoulov, music composer with expertise on Russian politics and music addressed students on Soviet Realism and music and the changes since the end of the Soviet Union. [October 2003].

Giandomenico Picco, former assistant secretary general of the United Nations and special representative of the Secretary General for the dialogue of civilization spoke to students and the wider community on diplomacy and the Middle East. [November 2003] 

Jacques Baudot "The United Nations Today”
Jacques Baudot of the United Nations experiences include: former controller of the United Nations, organizer of the World Social Summit, and he is presently the director of the International Forum for Social Progress. [February 16, 2004]

Dr. Bindu Malieckal and Dr. Barbara Baudot “Secularism vs. Religious Identity: A Political Issue in a Plural World” Saint Anselm Professors Malieckal and Baudot discussed the recent initiative in France to ban from schools overt religious symbols such as the Jewish yarmulkes, Christian crosses, Islamic headscarves, Sikh turbans, and the like. Co-sponsored with the Center for Religion and Public Life. [March 11, 2004]

William R. Moomaw “Conflict Resolution in Environmental Issues”
Professor of International Environmental Policy at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, Dr. Moomaw gave a speech on this topic.  Professor Moomaw received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from MIT and is the Senior Director of the Tufts Institute of the Environment. This event was cosponsored with the Department of Sociology. [April 14, 2004]


Pop Politics Panel Discussion
Political Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, Jennifer Donahue, moderated a panel with Saint Anselm College faculty as they discussed political image-making and the bearing it has on presidential elections. Sharon Matt Atkins, curator of Andy Warhol: Pop Politics, began the discussion with a brief presentation about the exhibition. [October 20th, 2008]

The Plight of Dalit Women and the Empowerment of Micro Lending
Students in Free Enterprise Chapter and New Hampshire Institute of Politics, co-sponsored this symposium featuring  Anja Kollmoss who represents  Jagran Manch-Dalit Women Power. Ms. Killmoss shared her seven years of  experience in working to improve lives of Dalit women by empowering them economically. [October 9, 2008]

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