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Informal Student/Faculty Seminars

Politics and Art: Lessons on Japanese Culture
Kimiko Shimazoe, visiting fellow from Tama University, School of Global Studies in Japan offered a Politics and Art series on Japanese Culture featuring  three movie presentations to highlight key aspects of Japanese culture. 

  • Screening of Rikyu, followed by a Japanese Tea Ceremony [October 2008]
  • Screening of The Burmese Harp, followed by a presentation on Japanese musical traditions as they intersect with politics [October 23, 200]
  • Screening of Spirited Away, followed by a discussion on the use of animation to communicate political messages [November 11, 2008]

Brown Bag Lunches

Japanese Language Lessons
Visiting fellow Kimiko Shimazoe offered lessons on the Japanese language for an hour on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  These lessons were open to all students. [Fall 2008]

The Sudan: It’s Culture, and Crisis
Dr. Sarah Alier, Sudanese medical doctor. [November 14, 2007]

The International Dimension of Human Trafficking
Dr. Mark P. Lagon, ambassador-at-large and director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP) and Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State offered a seminar on the topic. [October 29, 2007]

Political Campaigns
Visiting fellow E.J. Dionne, Jr. gave a seminar on the topic of political campaigns. [December, 2007]

Crisis in Zimbabwe
 A first hand account from Tinashe Mufute '09 Co-sponsored by the Saint Anselm College Black Student Coalition. [February 27, 2008]


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