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Voter Registration

The New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library at Saint Anselm College and TurboVote have partnered to help first-time and out-of-state voting age students register to vote and receive absentee ballots for any local or national election.

TurboVote is a project of Democracy Works, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that is passionate about building the democracy of the future.

Ready to register?

Here's how it works:

  1. Voters sign up at, and TurboVote will be able to check if they are already registered.
  2. Voters can then request that a pre-filled voter-registration form or vote-by-mail application be sent to them in the mail. The form gets to the voter with a stamped, addressed envelope, so it's easy to sign and drop in the mail, similar to Netflix's service.
  3. When local election authorities receive the vote-by-mail application, they send the voter a mail-in ballot.

TurboVote works for every election - special, primary or general, from school board to federal. And for every election, TurboVote will send timely text message and email reminders to users who have signed up for the service to ensure that voters register or request a vote-by-mail application on time and never miss another deadline. TurboVote also offers reminders to users who have signed up for the service and who vote in person at their polling places.

TurboVote and New Hampshire Voter Registration Laws:

  • New Hampshire voters will need to register to vote locally and additional sign up times with the Goffstown city clerk's office will be offered on campus in the fall.
  • New Hampshire does not accept voter registration forms from an online service.
  • If you register in New Hampshire using TurboVote, you will not be on your town's list on Election Day and would be required to properly register at the polling place on Election Day. 
  • Previously registered New Hampshire voters can use TurboVote to obtain absentee ballot from their hometown for an election.

Voting as a New Hampshire College Student:

  • New Hampshire college students can legally choose to vote in their college's state and in the town/district where their residence hall is located.
  • If you choose to vote using Saint Anselm as your voter domicile, you will be voting in Goffstown, NH in district 5. 
  • If you choose to vote in New Hampshire using your Saint Anselm College address as your voting domicile but have a different permanent address, you may encounter conflicts with student loans, you and your parents tax information, insurance etc.
  • Please read the college student Voter Laws carefully before deciding.
  • More info on voting in New Hampshire


Please email or call (603) 222-4100.

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