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Faculty Experts

Saint Anselm College is able to connect media inquiries with faculty experts from a number of academic disciplines. For information on faculty experts or for other media inquires, please contact Laura Lemire, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, at (603) 641-7242.

American Electoral Politics Experts

Chris Galdieri

Chris Galdieri, Ph.D.| Assistant Professor, Politics
(603) 222-4107 |

Professor Galdieri teaches a wide range of courses in American government on topics ranging from the presidency to constitutional law to the New Hampshire primary. Before entering academia, he worked in government relations as a writer and as a researcher at the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Neil Levesque

Neil Levesque | Executive Director, New Hampshire Institute of Politics & Political Library
(603) 222-4102 |

Neil Levesque serves as the executive director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and Political Library at Saint Anselm College. The nationally known institute offers civic engagement opportunities, research, and debate of public policy in a state-of-the-art facility located in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Matthew Masur

Matthew Masur, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, History
(603) 641-7046 |

Professor Masur's concentration has been the history of American foreign relations, primarily its interactions with the outside world in the 20th century. He has focused on the Vietnam War and American involvement with the developing world, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. He is knowledgeable about contemporary American foreign affairs with an historical perspective and is well-versed on the protection of U.S. interests abroad, the spread of American ideology and U.S. foreign intervention.

Professor Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, History
(603) 641-7050 |

Dr. Moore teaches and writes about the history of the American presidency and presidential politics. He is currently working on a biography of President Jimmy Carter which focuses on Carter's politics and how he was portrayed by the media in the 1970's.

Elizabeth Ossoff

Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D. | Professor, Psychology
(603) 641-7133 |

Elizabeth Ossoff mixes a passion for psychology with a fascination for politics and an interest in gender issues. She is quoted widely in the news media as an expert on voter behavior and the social influences that make an impact - from media messages to personal appearance and speaking style.

Michael Dupre

Michael Dupre, Ph.D. | Senior Research Fellow | Professor Emeritus, Sociology
(603) 222-4100 |

Dr. Dupre regularly offers expert commentary for broadcast and print reporters on New Hampshire's political culture, its presidential primary and how voting behavior in the state has changed over the years. A former political strategist and advisor to a number of New Hampshire campaigns, he can address voting patterns across the state's regions and demographic groups. Dr. Dupre has studied the change in New Hampshire's status from "red" to "blue" and is able to discuss the possibility that voters will switch back to the Republican Party.

Political Philosophy & Theory

Prof. Dale Kuehne

Rev. Dale S. Kuehne, Ph.D. | Professor, Politics
(603) 222-4108 |

Founding director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church and professor of politics, Professor Kuehne is an expert on ethics in government and the New Hampshire primary. He has commented widely on both. The second Richard L. Bready Chair of Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good, his current research focuses on the relationship between Christianity, Politics, and Human Sexuality. He has spoken widely on sexuality and marriage as the topic relates to the political world.

Prof. Peter Josephson

Peter Josephson, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Politics
Chair, Richard L. Bready Chair in Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good
(603) 222-4105 |

Professor Josephson holds the Richard L. Bready Chair in Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good, and is an associate professor of politics at Saint Anselm College. He teaches courses in the politics, humanities, and philosophy departments and served for several years as the academic advisor to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP).

Max Latona

Max J. Latona, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Philosophy
(603) 641-7495 |

Professor Latona's area of study is ethics and moral philosophy. He can discuss philosophy and ethics as they relate to current issues like cloning, stem cell research, capital punishment, just war, civil union/gay marriage and guns/violence.

Economic Policy

Professor John Romps

John Romps, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Economics and Business
(603) 641-7140 |

A forensic economist, Professor Romps is an expert on monetary and fiscal policy, economics, inflation and tax policy. He can address the economic and tax policies of candidates for office, proposed changes in tax law, finance and quantitative matters. His main areas of teaching are economics, money and banking, investments, and economic history.

Amy Schmidt

Amy B. Schmidt, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Economics and Business
(603) 641-7238 |

An economist, Professor Schmidt specializes in macro economics, federal budget issues, the deficit, monetary policy, fiscal policy, debt, savings and trade. She is also an authority on employment issues, including wage growth, unemployment, the minimum wage and discrimination in the workplace. Additionally, she teaches environmental economics, which focuses on the economic impact of global warming, energy conservation, fuel efficiency and other environmental issues.

International Relations & Politics

Prof. Barbara Baudot

Barbara Baudot, Ph.D. | Professor, Politics
(603) 222-4106 |

Professor Baudot's teaching is focused on international relations, European politics and environmental issues around the world. She is able to address problems facing the Third World regarding human rights, hunger, poverty and foreign aid. A former economic affairs officer at the United Nations, she is particularly well-versed on issues facing that body.

Prof. Christine Gustafson

Christine Gustafson, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Politics
Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Assessment
(603) 222-4119 |

Dr. Gustafson's areas of research are religion and politics in Latin America, Brazilian politics and Brazilian political economy. She is an expert in U.S.-Latin American relations. Her focus has been on theories of culture and institutional change and the politics of religion. Dr. Gustafson's most recent work has examined competing visions of regionalism in the Americas and the divergent political strategies of Catholics and Evangelical Protestants in Brazil.

Political Communication

Professor Jonathan Lupo

Jonathan D. Lupo, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor, English
(603) 641-7058 |

Dr. Lupo teaches courses on the media, film and television geared at communications majors. He specializes in film and television studies, specifically media aesthetics and taste cultures. Professor Lupo is a recognized expert on all aspects of the TV and movie industries and can speak to content with regard to demographics - gender, class, race - and how they are portrayed in the media. He can also address how the television networks operate, how they plan their schedules, TV ratings and the popularity of individuals programs.