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Records in the Archives

The College Archives of Saint Anselm College contains unique records relating to the history and development of the college.

Records are considered archival if they are non-current and provide evidence of the activities, functions, decisions, and decision-making of individuals in conducting business on behalf of the college.

There are many types and formats of archival records. The types of archival records in the College Archives include:

  • correspondence
  • meeting minutes
  • architectural drawings
  • transcripts
  • student publications

Archival records include a variety of formats including:

  • paper
  • photographs
  • film and video
  • newsprint

Searching for Archival Records
Archival collections at Saint Anselm College are non-circulating and can only be used onsite. Contact the College Archives for information regarding scheduling an on-site visit.

Sample document in college archives
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