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Technical Services Department

The Technical Services Department staff:Students working at computer on main level

  • Process new library materials, including government documents;
  • Organize, catalog and classify library materials and create online bibliographic records in the library's catalog;
  • Maintain the quality and consistency of the online catalog, enhancing and improving bibliographic information, adding URLs for electronic access, performing quality control and authority control of the online system;
  • Help to ensure that the library catalog and other computer systems are functioning properly;
  • Compile quarterly statistics for library's holdings.

The Cataloging staff create, revise, enhance, and correct bibliographic information in the library's online catalog. Most cataloging is performed using the OCLC union catalog, and bibliographic records are exported into the III system which supports the online catalog.

Geisel Library's catalog has been online since June 1994, when the existing records in the card catalog were converted into machine-readable format and loaded into III. Since that time, the collection and database have grown and become more complex; many new formats of materials, including electronic resources and web sites, have been added to the catalog. Bibliographic records are routinely enhanced with searchable tables of contents and URLs.

Current special projects include:

  • Cataloging U.S. and N.H. government documents
  • Cataloging all rare materials (recently completed)
  • Cataloging online resources
  • Anselm Collection cataloging
  • Updating the Journal Finder

Technical Services Manual (Cataloging Policies and Procedures) (PDF/507KB)

The Cataloging staff welcome your comments and suggestions. Please report problems in the catalog or send ideas for database improvements to Christine Clayton at


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